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Sep 27, 2007 05:56 AM

Chalet Suzanne Lake Wales

Chalet Suzanne Lake Wales

We are considering spending the night at Chalet Suzanne in November. We have read about it and checked out their website. Does anyone have any recent comments about the place and in particular the quality of the six course meals?

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  1. It has been years since I dined there, and I have no idea as to the continued quality of the experience. However, at one time, the place had such a repuration that people would flly in -- it has its own airstrip -- for dinner.

    Just a guess, but I suspect culinary times may have passed them by . . .

    Curious to see if anyone has dined there recenty.


    1. I've been twice in the last year and I think it is probably still the best restaurant in Polk County. Having said that, I'm sure that it wouldn't make the top ten or twenty in an area as large as say Tampa or Orlando. I think you go for the experience probably more than just the food. It is in a charming weathered and worn building with a European feel, mismatched china and is kind of like a tea room. You no longer have to order from the prix fixe menu and can now order a la carte which I prefer. The area around it is starting to build up and I think that takes away from it. The small lake that the restaurant sits on and in fact sits partly over used to be surrounded by trees and orange groves. You now have a view of a new housing development that sits on the other side of the lake. The Lakeland Ledger reviewed it about a year or so ago and the review should still be available online, reading it may help you decide.