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Sep 27, 2007 05:14 AM

Organic or naturally grown apple orchard for picking?

Want to go apple picking without the pesticides...anyone know of an orchard a short drive from nyc?

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  1. StoneRidge Orchard in Stone Ridge NY is about 2 hours from NYC. Even further but worth the trip is Threshold Farm in Phimont NY. There's a Slow Food event happening there this week end. It's a bio-dynamic orchard - they grow several heirloom varieties.

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      Thank you--we're really looking forward to visiting both farms!

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        Mike Biltonen at Stone Ridge Orchard writes a thoughful blog about farming practices:
        Organic Schmorganic: Debunking the myth of organic in favor of local, ecological agriculture. http://www.organicschmorganic.blogspo...

        Mr. Apples is an orchard in High Falls just down the road from Stone Ridge that claims to be "low spray" - it's pretty whacky!

      2. if you are planning to go this weekend and would like to share the ride my friend and I were interested in going apple picking.
        It would be awesome to share the ride with you!!

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          Please post how your ride in the time machine was after you return. Had a good weekend!