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Vienna restaurant on a Sunday

rbecker212 Sep 27, 2007 04:33 AM

Hello all - I am taking a special client to dinner with a group of 6 in Vienna on a Sunday night in October. It's on the company, so money is no object. My client appreciates good wines (and knows a lot about them). Steirereck and Meinl am Graben are closed on Sundays.. Can you recommend any other fantastic, special places?


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    Sturmi Sep 27, 2007 06:00 AM

    Sorry. All the best places are closed on sunday!! Palais Coburg as well, which has the best wine selection you can find in Vienna...

    I made a search on www.falter.at/wwei (Vienna as it eats), using the search critera: "luxury" and "sunday".

    The following list is alphabetical:
    Drei Husaren,
    Landhaus Winter
    Plaza Restaurant
    Restaurant Anna Sacher
    Rest. Imperial
    Rest. Korso

    This list is quite interesting, since all of these places are definitely NOT first, but rather second class, although the "luxury" label is correct if you consider the price range.

    You might reduce the list if you decide on location rather than food:

    The Anna Sacher, The Imperial, the Drei Husaren all have a very nice ambiente and decent service. I personally would go to the Restaurant Imperial in the Hotel Imperial.


    and here are the other two:



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