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Sep 26, 2007 10:50 PM

Real Dry Ginger Beef in DC????

Anyone know where to get authentic dry ginger beef in DC? Often when you see it here, which is rare already, it is a stirfry type dish with shoestring carrot and celery slices, some liquid sauce and big hunks of beef. The authentic good stuff is usually very dry, very crunchy, good amounts of garlic and no veggies mixed in. Plus the slices are the thickness of a finger, not a big hunk.

I'd love to find a place with it here but I have so far failed.


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  1. There are a lot of variations on what I think you're describing, but I don't think I've every run into a "dry" cooked dish with either big hunks or even finger-sized pieces of beef. It's usually in thinner pieces about the size of a pinky, but 1/8" think or so. Unless you're describing a dish that starts out with dried beef (like jerky) as the ingredient, the "dry" part is deep frying to make it crispy, then stir frying with a sweetened ginger/garlic sauce. Carrots and scallions are usual complements.

    You might give Szechuan Beef Proper at Peking Gourmet (Bailey's Crossroads area) a try. It's crispy and I really like the sauce.