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Sep 26, 2007 10:25 PM

How to grill Eggplant?

Any suggestions on how to grill an eggplant. I've heard it can be bitter if you don't sprinkle it with salt and let it sit. Can I just slice it and rub oil on it before grilling?

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  1. I've found that eggplant tastes better if sprinkled with salt and that it helps draw out some of the water. So salt it and rub it with olive oil and just grill it. Make sure the slices are thick, big ones as the eggplant will get quite tender. I find it's easier to put heavy duty aluminum foil with holes poked through when gooking veggies for that reason.

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      I use Ichiban eggplants (no bitterness) sliced lengthwise. Combine some olive oil with garlic (pressed), brushed on both sides, sprinkled with salt. As an alternative to grilling, you can roast 425' (spray foil lined cookie sheet with pam) approximately 15 min. per side .My oven is a convection so you may need to adjust time/temp.

    2. these days the domestic varieties of eggplant aren't as bitter as they used to be...but they do contain a lot of moisture that can lead to sogginess/sponginess and interfere with achieving the texture or char you might want. so, if you're using standard domestic eggplant or globe eggplant, it's probably still best to salt it to draw out some of the excess moisture.

      the slender chinese & japanese varieties are drier, and can usually be done without salting first.

      1. I've been eating and cooking eggplant all my life..... my Italian relatives and I don't salt first. When I grill, I first slice the eggplant into 3/4" rounds, drizzle a little olive oil all over, and place them on the hot grill. I let each slice cook on each side till they are soft and have grill marks, brown around the edges. I season with Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper when I remove them from the grill. Sometimes I will marinate the slices with olive oil, and Balsamic vinegar, and a little Worcestershire sauce for 15 minutes or so.

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          Thanks for all of the tips. I ended up salting first and then grilling. It came out wonderful. Loved it! I always hear about eggplant being bitter but have never had that experience. I'v never grilled it myself and wanted to make sure I didn't mess it up.
          I am going to try Gio's recommendations next time.

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            glad to hear it was a success.

            gotta love ch :)