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Sep 26, 2007 10:13 PM

needed: memorable meal for 7 omnivores & 1 vegetarian


Fancy dinner out for 8, one vegetarian, the rest omnivores, to celebrate a big deal that will complete in mid-November. 5 live in the city, 3 are coming in; two of those three have never been in NYC before.

Needs to be:

within 20 minutes of 39th and Park;
not overpriced or overhyped (one person wanted BLT steak, but that's too pricey, and they have no vegetarian entrees);
able to reserve now or for mid-November;
not be too dressy;
have a full bar;
the boss is somewhat culinarily conservative, so even though the other 7 would rather have sushi or robata or something interesting, it needs to be somewhat conservative in terms of dishes available (not necessarily the room, though).

The boss wants people to remember this meal, without spending a gajillion dollars.

What do you suggest? Please help me handle this and look good for the boss!


the boss' humble servant

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Asia de Cuba
      OR a private room at Trattoria Dell 'Arte (they have a nice wine room) or 21 Club. If you order food in advance, you can have more control of budget.

      1. Does 20 minutes from Park & 39th mean on foot or by cab? In either case, I highly recommend L'Impero, on Tudor City Pl., b/t 42nd and 43rd Sts. Chef Michael White, who succeeded Scott Conant, is serving superb contemporary Italian cuisine -- even better, in my view, than Conant's. Service is cordial and professional. While the decor has understated elegance, the overall ambiance is not formal or stuffy. Definitely a place where your boss will not take a gargantuan hit in the pocket book -- depending, of course, on exactly what and how much your party drink -- but where you will all have a memorable experience.

        1. For a place that is not too pricey and all can enjoy, Crispo. (see the many posts on this board for more info)

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          1. The original comment has been removed