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Sep 26, 2007 09:32 PM

Castro Valley Greek Festival - anyone been before?

i don't know if this is an annual event, just saw an ad in the mail. There's a Greek Festival in Castro Valley this yr: Oct 5-7, 2007. Anyone been before?

Fri Oct 5, 5-9p
Sat Oct 6, 11-9p
Sun Oct 7, 12-7pm

Location: Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church of Castro Valley
20104 Center St, CV
Phone: (510) 581-8950

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  1. This is my fourth year living in CV and this is the first time I have heard such event or they're publicizing for the first time. Usually you hear about the autumn festival or street fair. I'll definitely stop by though.

    1. This is an annual event. We've never gone before, either, but family and friends will be swinging by on Sunday...because Saturday's the Chowhound picnic!!!!

      I understand that the CV Greek festival is not as big as others around the Bay, but my Greek friends like the community atmosphere.


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        I visited the Greek Festival on opening day this past Friday. The people or so gracious and friendly. I went there for the specific purpose of purchasing my ChowHound picnic food: spanikopita and tiropita. The spinach-filled and cheese-filled pastries were fantastic. They suffered a bit because by the time we indulged in them (the next day in the afternoon) they were not, let's face it, spanking hot. In addition to the spanakopita and tiropita, you could purchase gyros, pork souvlaki, the Greek fried cheese, and greek salads -- this at the entrance. There was also a dinner available -- chicken and lamb, but I did not investigate that offering. Drinks were the usual suspects--Greek beer, Greek wine, ouzo, and soft drinks. On a sunny fall day, a fantastic way to spend the day.


        P.S. I've just edited this reply! I stopped in for a gyro and a Greek beer on my way home from work today. The Gyro is wonderfully fresh--the meat tender; the yoghurt sauce homemade with pieces of cucumber and garlic. And no entrance fee! Parking wasn't a problem and there's a shuttle from the middle school about 1/4 mile up the street. Handicapped parking in the church lot.

      2. I went but it was a long time ago when I was really obsessed with Greek Festivals. Just to give you an idea, I dragged my partner to one on the East Coast! The Castro Valley festival was OK but now I pretty much settle on the Oakland Greek Orthodox Church festival in May. The food was fine but nothing special and the location wasn't very exciting.

        I'd say if you are really hankering for some Greek food and it's a nice day, check it out.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Love the Food Love the People !! If you live in the Bay Area it should be a
            Rite of Passage!!! Glad that it went back to the church because it was much
            cozier there anyway..the dancing is very fun to watch and there are some nice
            things to buy there too and the desserts!!!! gotta do it!!! going today!! YUMMY!!!