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Sep 26, 2007 09:17 PM

Chinese Buffet in Northern VA

I am a big fan of Chinese Buffet that have snow crab leg. I know several place that have that:
Win Buffet on Little River Turn Pike: other dishes are ok, not so great.
Green Olive in Alexandria has a lot of good seafood, but no crab leg.

If any fan know any other Chinese Buffet that have crab leg in the area, please add.


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  1. I can't name guaranteed examples, but in my experience the crab legs are a "premium" item featured at many buffets in the evenings and/or weekends, or at dinner but not lunch.

    Maybe you should call before visiting - try Dragon Sea Buffet in Springfield, Bamboo Buffet in Bailey's Crossroads, Peter Pan Buffet in Fairfax, King's Buffet in Springfield.

    1. I've eaten at 2 of the 4 Wayne mentioned-Dragon Sea (many times) & King's (once). Other than 1 very good shrimp dish (&I don't remember what it was)at King's, I prefer Dragon Sea. Some days are better than others, but for the sheer variety, freshness (it's always busy, so they turn the food), & the unobtrusive attention of the service, Dragon Sea is our favorite. I've only seen crab legs at dinner, though. It's a good place to take a group (kids included), because everyone can usually find something they like-salad bar, soups, sushi, hotpot, etc. I went once w/ my kids (DD had 4! bowls of egg drop soup, chicken & broccoli & rice) & my mother (who was willing to try everything, even something simple labelled 'blood'-I think it was blood sausage). My son, after watching the next table consume huge plates of crayfish, boldly went for it & then wouldn't stop raving about it. I meet a friend for lunch there about once or twice/month, as our schedules allow, & have never been disappointed-except for the time we showed up & they were closed for electrical repairs.