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Sep 26, 2007 09:05 PM

Jackson Heights Food Carts and Hours?

I live in the neighborhood, but I just recently learned about the good chow these food carts are serving. Aside from Sammy's Halal and the Arepa Lady, what are the others (pls. include their best dishes, location, and hours)? Also, when does Sammy's Halal set up shop?


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  1. Sammy Halal is on 73rd St & Broadway. Other than Arepa Lady & Sammy Halal, I don't know of any other outstanding carts. If you're looking for fresh prepared fruit (papaya, mango, melons, pineapple) look for the cart in front of North Fork Bank on 82nd St & 37th Ave. Nice friendly husband/wife owners. Just $2.00 for a well packed container.

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      Thanks for the info Mike. I know the Arepa Lady is available after 10pm, but how about Sammy Halal and the fruit cart? Are they available around 5-6pm?

    2. Jim Leff put together a great map of the neighborhood, linked at the start of this monster thread ... . Keep in mind that this scene is highly fluid.

      Here's a Chow Digest summary from June ...

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        Thanks squid! That thread is great, but I was hoping somewhere around the 70s and not too much of a walk from the 74th street train station.

      2. Sammy's opens up for lunch and stays open late into the night. There are usually a couple of taco carts in front of the subway station on Roosevelt from evening rush hour on. I've eaten at one of them, which was run by 2 very nice ladies, but the food was only OK. There are also a few taco trucks that set up later in the evening at various places around the area. I've only eaten at the one that's usually on Roosevelt a couple of blocks on the other side of the BQE from you, which was good.

        Here is Eric Eto's post from late last year on Sammy's and the other carts around 73rd & Broadway:

        1. I love the Taco truck on roosevelt and 75street. The one are closer to 75th Street, I think is better. The $2 carnita taco is a fresh and tasty as the ones I used to get when I traveled in Mexico.

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            Sietsma recently did a Roosevelt Ave. taco truck survey from Corona into the eastern part of JH. He reports a sighting of those two taco trucks (right outside the station), but didn't manage to try them for the article.

            I did actually try one, the one closer to 75th St in fact, one weeknight around midnight a couple of weeks ago. This one had much more of a line, and felt livelier, compared to the one closer to the door of the station. I had one of carnitas and one of chicken, and I would have to say I was underwhelmed. The carnitas one was fine, but not that flavorful. The chicken one was forgettable - the meat was pretty bland and a bit dry (though I do think it was cooked to order). The white meat syndrome, I guess. I'll try another filling next time.