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Sep 26, 2007 08:36 PM

Help, Dog Friendly Dinner in Huntington / Newport Beach?

The fumigators are kicking us, and our dog, out this Friday for 3 nights - 2 days. We decided to make this a mini vacation in Huntington Beach. I know Park Bench Café well for breakfast but they close by 3:pm. Is there such a thing as Dog Friendly dinner in Huntington / Newport Beach? Burgers? Anything?
My thanks.

Park Bench Café (Breakfast & lunch plus A Dogs menu)
(714) 842-0775
17732 Goldenwest St
Huntington Beach, CA

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    1. scroll down to "Outdoor Restaurants" on this site and you'll find a list of possibilities...some fall with in the "anything" category, but Fideaux will likely be a happy camper.

      1. I do not know their pet accommodations, but you would think with a name like this:

        The Lazy Dog Cafe - off 405/Beach

        Excellent local hangout.

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        1. re: brekkie_fan

          I don't think Lazy Dog Cafe lets dogs inside. That's just health codes. I don't remember seeing a patio last time I was over there.

          Most of the restaurants on 2nd street in Long beach have sidewalk patios and people often sit out there with their pups.

          1. re: Azizeh Barjesteh

            There is an outside dining area at Lazy Dog that is pet friendly.

            D'oh...didn't notice this post was super old.

        2. Several of the restaurants in downtown HB have outdoor patios such as the Longboard where dogs might be welcome. Also you might call Hof's Hut on Beach in Westminster. They have a patio and might allow dogs there.

          1. Huntington Beach is surprisingly not dog friendly....most of the outdoor places on Main prohibit dogs from even being on the patio....In Newport,go to Blue Water Grill,Haute Cakes,Side Street Cafe and even Plums allows dogs on the patio.Your best bet is to head to Laguna which has a number of good choices.The best places for your dog is Madisons,which is all about the pooches,the Cottage,Zinc Cafe,Sun Dried Tomatoe Cafe,Anastasias,and Taco Loco.Im sure there are others.

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            1. re: stormin norman

              I am downtown in Huntington Beach daily and there are dogs EVERYWHERE! If not allowed on the fenced in patio owners are welcome to tie their dogs outside of the fence directly next to them. The Park Bench Cafe on Goldenwest has a special "doggie dining area" where owners and pets can sit together.

              1. re: BeergirlinCA

                My "dog experiences in HB have been less then stellar....although there are plenty of dogs around town,none of the downtown restauarants with outdoor patios would allow our King Charles,whom was small and well behaved,on the patio.Although you could probably tie your dog to the fence and keep them on the outside,this requires finding a table on the edge of the patio,which is not always an easy task in HB,and then having your dog essentially sit in the allley,or on the sidewalk,while you consume your meal.Not to sound trivial,but we would not do that to our dog or enjoy ourselves while he was sitting outside tied to a fence.Kind of defeats the purpose of treating your dog like a true companion.You are better off in Laguna or NB in the places I mentioned where the dog can sit by /under your table.Just my two cents on the subject.