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Best Green Chile Cheeseburger

Where is the best green chile cheeseburger in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Toas? On the road to NM 9/28.

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  1. Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe, without question. Although, I still like Blake's in a pinch.

    1. Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe. Period. Comes with chips, but the burger is enough. Don't bother with the hashbrowns. Wed-Sat and closes at 7:50pm. It is not to be missed. I know I said "period" but I just can't say enough about this burger!

      1. I don't think any out there compare to the Buckhorn Bar's in San Antonio. Which doesn't really help you on your quest for SF, ABQ and "Toas." ;-) But, since your thread title doesn't differentiate, I don't want any future reader to get the wrong impression that those places are the be-all and end-all of green chile cheeseburgers.

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          Yes, Buckhorn is the best in New Mexico!!! Even beat Bobbie Flay!

        2. What makes a green chile cheeseburger good? Is it better topped with green chiles or mixed into the meat?

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            The burger at Bobcat has cheese and green chili on top. Granted their chile isn't the greatest, but the quality of the meat is superb and it is just delicious. I've never had a burger at a resto with green chile mixed in, but I do it all the time at home.

          2. My favorite green chile burger in Albuquerque is the one at the Gin Mill, in the Far North Shopping Center. Big juicy burger, and the green chile (served on top) has a nice heat, too.

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              Since Tom closed the Gin Mill a year and a half ago, I guess you don't get here very often. ;-) I do miss the place.

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                Oh no, that's terrible! I thought the Gin Mill would be there forever.

            2. I know this is an older thread, but I can't help myself. The best Green Chile Burger in Santa Fe is at Horseman's Haven, no questions. Close runner ups are Bobcat Bite (already mentioned), Dave's Not Here, The Pantry, Molly's Cafe(with some awesome off menu specials), and Bert's Burger Bowl (used to live across the street :-)...

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                Dave's Not Here closed in January, sadly. I thought Dave's and Bobcat Bite were the clear top two in town. I have been disappointed in my attempts to find a close-in replacement for Dave's. Horseman's Haven is a fer piece from my side of town, but maybe I need to try it. Harry's has a good one, too.

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                  So for those of us visiting (and no car, in town for a conference) where should I go in Albuquerque proper (I'll take a cab within reason) ?

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                    I would suggest Santiago's New Mexican Grill on Eubank. They are only open for breakfast and lunch, but they are friendly and have the best green chile burgers in New Mexico (in my opinion).

                    Santiago's New Mexican Grill
                    1911 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112

              2. If you're in southern New Mexico and find yourself hankering for a GCB, the Hall of Flame in Ruidoso is pretty good. The chile bites you back. Sadly, The Outpost in Carrizozo close a little while back...before I got the chance to sample its legendary GCB!

                1. I'm not a big eater of cheese burgers; but my favorite one in history was in the small town of Carrizozo, New Mexico...probably 20 years ago but oh, my goodness, I still remember it...!

                  (The spiciest and most flavorful of the fresh-roasted green chiles are the ones you get in the fall and winter seasons....for your information).

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                    The Outpost. Closed down several months ago.

                  2. I don't live in GCCB teritory, but last October I got a green chile double from Whataburger that just opened up near my house, and I was blown away by the chiles- they were fresh, and the chiles were recently-grilled fresh ones. It was the best burger I'd hav=d in a long time.

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                      Wow. Whataburger is an excellent burger joint, but I'm surprised they had fresh green chile.

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                        So was I. They've had them off and on since, I hear from the ads on the radio. The second one I got was a couple of months ago and either my palate was wonky or it wasn't QUITE as good as the first one, but I managed to finish it. It did taste like fresh roasted chiles.

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                          Coincidentally, I'm grilling GCBs tonight. I've got some frozen New Mexico green chile that is much better than the canned stuff.

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                            We have a huge bag of frozen green chiles also- wish I could divvy them up into smaller portions, or i wish that they would.