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Sep 26, 2007 08:17 PM

Best Green Chile Cheeseburger

Where is the best green chile cheeseburger in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Toas? On the road to NM 9/28.

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  1. Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe, without question. Although, I still like Blake's in a pinch.

    1. Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe. Period. Comes with chips, but the burger is enough. Don't bother with the hashbrowns. Wed-Sat and closes at 7:50pm. It is not to be missed. I know I said "period" but I just can't say enough about this burger!

      1. I don't think any out there compare to the Buckhorn Bar's in San Antonio. Which doesn't really help you on your quest for SF, ABQ and "Toas." ;-) But, since your thread title doesn't differentiate, I don't want any future reader to get the wrong impression that those places are the be-all and end-all of green chile cheeseburgers.

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        1. re: Erich

          Yes, Buckhorn is the best in New Mexico!!! Even beat Bobbie Flay!

        2. What makes a green chile cheeseburger good? Is it better topped with green chiles or mixed into the meat?

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          1. re: dauerad

            The burger at Bobcat has cheese and green chili on top. Granted their chile isn't the greatest, but the quality of the meat is superb and it is just delicious. I've never had a burger at a resto with green chile mixed in, but I do it all the time at home.

          2. My favorite green chile burger in Albuquerque is the one at the Gin Mill, in the Far North Shopping Center. Big juicy burger, and the green chile (served on top) has a nice heat, too.

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            1. re: gina

              Since Tom closed the Gin Mill a year and a half ago, I guess you don't get here very often. ;-) I do miss the place.

              1. re: Erich

                Oh no, that's terrible! I thought the Gin Mill would be there forever.