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Sep 26, 2007 07:54 PM

Fancy Popcorn

I am having book club at my house tomorrow night and the book we read (Water for Elephants) is all about life in the circus. I have come up with some great "high end" circus foods; but i can't decide on the popcorn. I know Giada does a Parm and Pec Popcorn, and I have had Rosemary and Pine Nut Popcorn; however, i want to do something else! Please send me your ideas for the perfect popcorn spice. Please keep in mind that it is going to sit out all night; so i need it to stand up really well.

if you have any other fun carnival / circus treats that would also work; i'm all ears.

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  1. Any access to duck fat? There is nothing like duck fat-fried popcorn...

    1. Any kind of popcorn you let sit out all night won't do well. Unless you coat it with shellac.

      I've always liked garlic butter on my popcorn, with a little Worcestershire and Tabasco in the sauce. An alternative is dissolving some crumbled blue cheese in the butter. To get nice corn, though, you're going to have to prepare it just a few minutes before serving.

      1. How about some carmel corn with nuts in it. Definitely circus, can be made now, and will last for a week or so. Peanuts in the shell, little messy.

        1. MikeLM thank you for your thoughts; i know popcorns will heavy oils and cheeses won't stand up; which is why i specified it in my request that it is something that can sit for a while.

          I know there are a lot of spice combos i am not thinking of.

          1. soy sauce and 5 spice powder

            chili and lime

            garam masala and lime


            sumac and crunchy salt (like a twist on salt and vinegar)

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              Or go to the japanese aisle in an asian grocery.. they have tons of little seasoning shakers that add killer spices & tastes to popcorn. I have a little orange topped bottle I've seen at oh so many japanese restuarants as the 'pepper' condiment - with orange rind, black sesame, and chilis.. Tasty + it's got texture so it looks neat.

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                I think you are my kind of popcorn eater, Chocabot! Now I know what to do with all that sumac sitting in my cupboard.
                My current favorite is soy sauce mixed into the melted butter with Japanese seaweed/sesame seed sprinkle.

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                  A query about where to find sumac in Minnesota has been split to the Midwest board: