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Sep 26, 2007 07:30 PM

Visiting Seattle for 4 Days - Simple Not Fancy Recos?

Looking for some good, but simple restaurants in Seattle. Visiting Seattle this weekend for 4 days.

A friend mentioned Lola's for breakfast featuring their yummy doughnuts.

Any other places? We prefer simple good food.
It doesn't need to be fancy french or haute cuisine.

Will eat anything and would love a great seafood recommendation.

Thanks a bunch!

Let me know if I can return the favor - I live in the Boston area.

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  1. Hello,
    As few weeks ago I was up in Seattle and ate at the Flying Fish restaurant and the food was good but the services was only OK. Also check out Ivars on the water during happy hour. The bar menu is good and we ate and drank for only $25.

    1. In Seattle, there are a few things we do best of anywhere. Coffee (of a style, of course, and maybe not yours) - Vivace, on Capitol Hill (have a Ciro), Caffe Vita for most roasts, I like the drip, Cherry Street for robust black drip, Starbucks #1 (mostly for archival/historic purposes, but the coffee will be familiar if you are from pretty much anywhere on planet Earth). I used to like Cafe D'arte, then they got bought by Starbucks and slipped off radar for me. For coffee culture and decent coffee, there's Victrola on Capitol HIll, Ancient Grounds, on First Avenue, and Zeitgeist on Jackson Street. Seattle's Best, by the way, isn't.
      If you like something tasty with your excellent coffee, go to Cafe Besalu, in Ballard for the best (very) French pastry. Bring money, but it's not like you can get in THAT much trouble at a coffee shop.
      Amazing values at Paseo, in Fremont, Muy Macho, in South Park - have a seriously mixed platter of tacos for under ten bucks (lamentably few Seattleites are game enough to have even been to South Park). More creative and fun Mexican food at Senor Moose, In Ballard. Find plentiful and tasty food not found in Boston at Pecos pit (pulled-pork sandwich), Jones BBQ, Lander at Occidental, Pho Cyclo, near 1st and Lander, for good Pho and other lovely Vietnamese - cheap.
      World Class Chili (though I've heard some find it too rustic for their tastes, I found their Cincinnati Chili much better than the Cincinnati chili at Skyline, in Cincinnati [what's that about?]) and the Texas much more considered than any I had in my years in Texas, the whole of the Pike Place Market (search this site for more - treat yourself to French Toast for brunch at Cafe Campagne). Pan African Market, on FIrst near Pike, for dynamite combos with the best, best Njera ever),
      Seafood - go first to the source, at Jack's Fish Spot, in the (Pike Place) Market, for a top-flight Cioppino, Dungeness Crab Cocktail, or oysters on the half-shell, with genuine seaport atmosphere. Check out the Oyster Happy Hour at Elliott's Oyster House, on the waterfront.
      Get tasty Fish and Chips and local ales at Pacific Inn, in Fremont, or take a water taxi to Alki and free shuttle to Sunfish, for Halibut and Chips. There's an insane crab feed at Anthony's in Shilshole. It will set you back some, but is probably the only all-you-can-eat Dungeness Crab feed you'll ever get a chance to experience and is definitely worth a splurge.
      Oh, and yummy doughnuts (and more good coffee) can also be found at Top Pot, in Belltown.
      A representative, but not way way over the top, seafood dinner can be had at Etta's.
      If any of this floats your boat, mrnelso has posted even bigger lists here, and I hope they help.

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        Excellent recommedations - these will be handy for my upcoming trip as well!!

      2. Two words... Serious Pie! We visited Seattle for a long weekend in late August and ate at Serious Pie twice. Wonderful, fresh salads and the best pizza I have ever had, anywhere (including the famed Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix). My husband found the community tables a little uncomfortable, but I liked them. I hope you have a great visit, I *heart* Seattle!

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          Thanks to everyone for their recommendations....much appreciated. Will post back on Tuesday where I went and what we ate! : )