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Sep 26, 2007 07:28 PM

Favorite Homebrew sites/forums

Chowhound is good for a lot of things, but discussing the technical aspects of beer making isnt one of them.

Right now my go-to sites are:
Northern Homebrew Forum
Tastybrew's form

I'm SURE I'm missing a lot more.

Where do you go to discuss fermentation, your draft system and favorite yeasts?

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  1. I go to both listed above, but for really technical advice try

    Another good site is

    1. The ones I have saved in my favorites are- Homebrewtalk, BrewCommune, and Brewboard. Not that I've had time to participate (or brew, darnit) lately. There's also a homebrew board on RateBeer (and I suspect BeerAdvocate, also). I still get the HBD by e-mail, but it seems like participation has almost evaporated since the arrival of the web-based boards.

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        The homebrew group on Beer Advocate is one of the most active on the site.

        I also like Northern Brewer, Brewboard (except it hurts my eyes when I leave the site due to the green background), and the forum at Morebeer.com.

      2. I encourage all homebrewers to check out the American Homebrew Association at http://www.beertown.org/homebrewing/i...
        Membership is not mandatory but it does have some perks. The AHA itself may not have the answers to your specific questions, but it does have links to a lot of supply shops and homebrew clubs that do post about the technical aspects of beer making. Give it a try...