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Sep 26, 2007 07:28 PM

Favorite Homebrew sites/forums

Chowhound is good for a lot of things, but discussing the technical aspects of beer making isnt one of them.

Right now my go-to sites are:
Northern Homebrew Forum
Tastybrew's form

I'm SURE I'm missing a lot more.

Where do you go to discuss fermentation, your draft system and favorite yeasts?

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  1. I go to both listed above, but for really technical advice try

    Another good site is

    1. The ones I have saved in my favorites are- Homebrewtalk, BrewCommune, and Brewboard. Not that I've had time to participate (or brew, darnit) lately. There's also a homebrew board on RateBeer (and I suspect BeerAdvocate, also). I still get the HBD by e-mail, but it seems like participation has almost evaporated since the arrival of the web-based boards.

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      1. re: ted

        The homebrew group on Beer Advocate is one of the most active on the site.

        I also like Northern Brewer, Brewboard (except it hurts my eyes when I leave the site due to the green background), and the forum at

      2. I encourage all homebrewers to check out the American Homebrew Association at
        Membership is not mandatory but it does have some perks. The AHA itself may not have the answers to your specific questions, but it does have links to a lot of supply shops and homebrew clubs that do post about the technical aspects of beer making. Give it a try...