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Sep 26, 2007 07:14 PM

Need help in Louisville

Hello Foodies,

I will be in Louisville this weekend for the Kentucky Orchid Society Orchid Show and am not finding a lot of reviews on restaurants or other good eats. I have put Havana Rumba on my list as I love Cuban and it sounds like a good place, any thoughts?

Any other places that you can recommend would be great BBQ, Thai, Southern, or anything else would be appreciated.

Also what is one must have item in Louisville that I should try?


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  1. My favorite is The Mayan Cafe on Market Street

    Thai Smile 5 on Preston Highway is wonderful.

    Havana Rumba has a sister called Mojito at Holiday Manor shopping center--they have what I have heard is a ridiculously delicious Sunday brunch--go early!

    Santa Fe Grill on 3rd Street near Central has great Mexican.

    We like L & N Wine Bar and Bistro.

    I've heard great things about Basa on Frankfort Avenue.

    If you like sushi, go to Maido on Frankfort Ave.

    Be sure to check out

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    1. re: mamaciita

      Vietnam Kitchen is great, their on 2nd Street
      For great sushi go to Sapporo on Bardstown rd
      if you like Argentinian Palermo's on Bardstown rd is awesome
      Next to Santa Fe Grill on 3rd and Central is also La Tapitia, they make the best tacos and tortas in the city and their cheap too
      Must have in Louisville.. go to the Brown Hotel and have a hot brown sandwich...

      1. re: mamaciita

        Saturday is complete Bob Evans for breakfast out of necessity it was OK, Dinner at the Mayan Cafe WOW it was one of the best meals I have had in a very long time.

        Appetizer: Chili Relleno was fantastic!
        Dinner: Duck Mole with Lima and Plantains a perfect dish very tasty!
        Desert: I never do desert but the rest of the meal was so good I had to try it, Bread Pudding with a chocolate sauce. It was crazy good!!!

        Thanks again and for Sunday dinner I would like some southern BBQ where can I find the best in the area? Monday morning I will try Lynn's on my way out of town.

        Thanks again for your help,

        1. re: firestalker

          well theres a few places around town.. but Louisville mostly has chains, Mark's feed store isn't bad, but I've heard Jucy's is good.. but their out in Pee Wee Valley

          1. re: Lightsuprooms

            Real Louisvillians won't go to the chains. We have so much good food, and great resturants that why would anybody go to the sespool of Hurstborne and the east end, when you have the highlands and crescent hill. Give this town a chance, Lynns, Vietnam Kitchen, El Mundos, Ramsi, Lillys, Vinchenzos, BBC (great Beer), Kashmir, Stevens and Stevens, Third Ave Cafe, Artemesia. Notice how I didnt mention one chain. I travel about 2 weeks a month, and would give Louisville a run for it's money in any city in the US, and by far beats any similar sized city.

            1. re: scobie

              VIetnm Kitchen is very good, discovered it by accident one night. I'm orginially from Louisville and one trip home discovered it by driving around and asking questions in that section of town. Bristol Bar and Grille is a good choice for Sunday Brunch

              1. re: scobie

                Oh I couldn't agree more and that's what makes me so jealous of Louisville. I live in Lexington and would kill for just 2 or 3 of your alls fantastic independent eateries. But for now, I'll just suck it up and take the drive up 64.

        2. First day in Louisville was good eats, I had tacos at La Tapita for lunch they were very good thank you Lightsuproom for the suggestion.

          Also had dinner at Havana Rumba very busy the food was decent but not as good as the cuban food in Miami, GO FIGURE! But it was good better then I can find in Michigan.

          Saturday I will try the Mayan Cafe.

          Thanks again for the recs.


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          1. re: firestalker

            Their chilaquiles are unbelievable. I hope you love it!!

            1. re: firestalker

              You're very welcome Gary, I agree with Ron's suggestion too about Lynn's, excellent breakfasts and eclectic atmosphere... Mayan Cafe is excellent great great food.. the Salmon is great and make sure you have the lima beans...

            2. Lynns Paradise Cafe
              Great breakfast, very charming. A little off the beaten path but worth the trip.

              1. My stay in Louisville is complete Sunday dinner was Mikes Feed Store for BBQ it hit the spot and was pretty good.

                Did Lynn's for breakfast fun place with a good breakfast it was a bit expensive for breakfast but the quality was very good so worth the extra cash.

                All in all Louisville was a great stay for food you have some wonderful places and I thank you for pointing them out. Until next time.


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                1. re: firestalker

                  Anytime Gary.. let us know when you'll be back..

                  1. re: Lightsuprooms

                    I am coming back to Louisville anything new on the chow front.

                    1. re: firestalker

                      Gary.. I'll check on stuff for you..LOL will reply later

                      1. re: Lightsuprooms

                        Well my second stay is done, I tried Santa Fe Grill on 3rd good Mexican Food a very authentic experience. Dinner at the Mayan Cafe it was once again awesome. I think this is in the top three restaurants of all time for me. I am glad I don't live by it as I would be broke from eating there always. FANTASTIC PLACE. Thanks again Louisville

                2. Louisville is a great town to eat!! You have got to stop by and have dinner at Proof of Main, if not dinner than a drink at the bar-great service as well.
                  Have a great time!!