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Sep 26, 2007 06:52 PM

Best Brownie in East Village Area [Moved from The Best board]

Ever since Blue Goose closed, I haven't been able to find a good rich brownie in the East Village. Point of clarification: I like 'em dense (not cakey) and very, very rich chocolate flavor. Tom Cat supplied brownies to Blue Goose. Can someone tell me where else Tom Cat supplies brownies or who else serves up killer brownie action????

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  1. Why did no one ever answer this post? I have a huge craving for a brownie right now, but it seems (by looking at old threads) that my only option is Whole Foods... that can't be right. Hounds, please tell me that's not right.

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      Hmm, maybe Pinisi, Ciao For Now, or Lula's Sweet Apothecary?

      It's a shame Chikalicious Dessert Club doesn't have brownies.

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        I'll definitely be heading to Pinisi later this week -- their website makes everything look delish!

        Just tried Whole Foods brownie today and it was awful -- tasted like sugar packets. It was almost offensive.

    2. So apparently the corner of 11th and 1st ave is crawling with bakeries (I had never noticed this before) so I stopped in a few to pick up some brownies. The only place that had them was De Robertis. Theirs is a cakey brownie, much cakier than most, with a sugary icing and fresh nuts. After the horror of the Whole Foods brownie, it tasted good, but I don't think I'd like it normally. I also stopped by Something Sweet, but apparently they were out of brownies for the day. I love how cute the place is. The lady gave me a chocolate flowerless truffle button that was delish! It had a great almond taste, but it didn't overpower the chocolate like some almond sweets do.

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        I sympathize with your quest. I satisfy my own urges by baking brownies myself. It is surprisingly easy. I don't know of any bakeries in the EV that produce brownies that rival even middling home-made. Pinisi is okay, not great, but they are very nice there.

      2. Just came back from Pinisi after having eaten their brownie. In a word, it was great. I wouldn't call it the platonic ideal of a brownie (for me that will always be my grandmother's version which was heavy on coffee and dark rum) or even a good "comfort" brownie, but it certainly was tasty. At first glance, it is dense and dry. Instead of the usual icing, Pinisi pours bitter cocoa powder on the top. When you bite in, the powder dries out your mouth like a bitter pixie stick, but soon thereafter the brownie melts in your mouth with sweet chocolate. It was certainly a complex dessert (as brownies go) and not fun to eat (your mouth is completely covered in cocoa powder), but certainly worth the trip out there to get it. I also grabbed a cupcake to go that apparently contains some ghost chili? I'm working up my courage to try it later tonight.

        Anyway, if anyone has any other suggestions, I would surely appreciate it. Thanks!

        1. We have a winner: Black Hound's (2nd Ave between 10th and 11th) Triple Chocolate Brownie. Now this is a brownie! Chocolatey, sweet (but not sugar sweet), thick, and fudgey -- it melts in your mouth. It's not nearly as serious or pretentious as Pinisi's, rather it's a simple affair that recalls the best brownies made at childhood bake-sales. Mmmmm!

          1. The original comment has been removed