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Sep 26, 2007 05:48 PM

In Boston for 4 days; going big

I am going to be in boston for 4 days going very big on food, and need some advice on places to dine. Places I have on order: No 9 Park, Clio, Sage, Via Matta, Radius, K.O. Prime, and L'Espalier. Am I missing anything?? All advice appreciated along with a critique of what i have in the queue.

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  1. Take out Radius and Via Matta and add Troquet and Pigalle.

    1. The places you've got listed are among the fanciest, most expensive, and best restaurants in Boston. I'll heartily endorse L'Espalier, No. 9 Park, and Clio and along these fancy-dan lines also suggest Aujourd'hui, Icarus, Mistral, and Pigalle. I enjoyed the food at Radius when I went, but some on this board are less taken with it. Via Matta is certainly excellent if maybe not quite in this league. Thought Sage was very good in its old North End incarnation, but haven't been since it moved to the South End -- it gets generally good reports here. K.O. Prime has attracted minimal love around here; I've never been -- if you want a steak place in Boston proper and want to avoid a chain (which isn't a bad idea), I'd suggest The Oak Room or Grill 23.

      I assume price is no object for you, because that's the best way to describe most of these spots.

      1. I'd drop Via Matta and sub in Troquet. That said, I have not been to KO Prime or Sage.

        While I'm not saying this because I'm jealous of all the food your gluttonous self will be devouring in four days (and I am), your list is very heavy and it may be a good idea to put a sushi dinner in there somewhere, perhaps O Ya or Uni? I say that, but probably wouldn't do it myself. Bring on the foie and lard.

        1. Having drinks and app's at Locke-Ober was one of the highlights of Boston.
          Great cocktails and the (2) Jumbo Shrimp, Panko Crusted and Stuffed with Bleu Cheese for $ of the best deals in town!
          Super Old love this place.

          1. You should include O Ya.

            And probably sell a kidney.