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Sep 26, 2007 05:23 PM

Anniversary Dinner help needed ASAP (please)

My anniversary is coming up next Saturday. We are getting a baby sitter and hitting the town for dinner and? We live in the south bay of Los Angeles and would like to get away to the Malibu, Santa Monica or LA Area for a dining adventure. We are not heavy Meat eaters so steak houses are out.

I would appriciate any suggestions that anyone may have for me, as with the little kids, we do not get out of our home town often. We like live music as well. Not sure if you can find both in one place, but the evening is about the food.

Many Thanks

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  1. pantina -> hollywood bowl?

    1. With the live music criterion in mind, Vibrato on Beverly Glen might be your best bet.

      1. Mastros is a steak house in BH, but there is a nice seafood selection. And, there's a guy on the piano singing his heart out. It's quite nice actually. Don't mean to throw you a curve ball, but Ocean Club (the seafood restaurant from Mastro's) in Newport Beach is nice too.

        1. My girlfriend and I had an anniversary dinner at Geoffrey's in Malibu and really enjoyed it -- the food is great (not best-of-LA great, but very good) and the atmosphere outdoors at night can't be beat. The only problem with that is that there's not much entertainment to be found in Malibu, but if you're mostly concerned with the meal I don't think you'd be disappointed.

          Another very romantic place with an entirely different atmosphere is Saddle Peak Lodge. If you want to talk about a "dining adventure," I can't think of a place that fits that description better. There really is no place like it. The food is geared toward carnivores, but my girlfriend and I are both vegetarians and we found enough on the menu to satisfy us.

          Lastly, in L.A. proper (or West Hollywood specifically), the Little Door is one of the most romantic spots around, with truly outstanding food and service.

          I've had excellent and memorable romantic meals at all three of these places, so I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

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            Our anniv is on Saturday too -- happy anniversary. We're saving our money for the holidays (going to Santa Fe -- look out!) and are going to Angelini Osteria -- our fav Italian restaurant.

            So here's what I suggest -- go to Jiraffe. It's in SM. I bet you can get resies and it's truly lovely. We went here last year for our anniv or a bday or some kind of special meal -- !

            Also, Grace which is mid-town has a terrific vegetarian option. Again, it's mid-town, but we went here for our first anniversary and had a great time (it can be pricey, as I remember check was around $250 and that's with a comp'd dessert!).

            Enjoy and congrats!