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Sep 26, 2007 04:21 PM


Coming to Austin for the weekend and looking for Monterray style grilled cabrito. Any good recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. Texican Cafe has good cabrito, granted it's the only restaurant I've ever eaten it at and my other experience was homemade. I've had it a half dozen times and like it but I wish it was a bigger serving. El Azteca claims it's a specialty of theirs, but the rest of their food sucks so I don't hold out much hope for it.

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      I also have only had cabrito at the Texican, so this is n00b-central talking here: I liked the meat, but had to fight through an unappealing amount of inedible gristle to get to it. I'm not sure if this is typical of this plate (at the Texican or otherwise), so take it with a grain of salt.

      The Tom-Gro version sounds much more appetizing.

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        I believe that La Victoria (Burnet and North Loop) has cabrito on the weekends. There's a meat case with a couple of different roasted meats. I ordered cabrito there about a year ago. It had a nice roasted flavor, wasn't fatty, and wasn't too dry considering that it was in a case. I'd definitely get it again.Not sure who does the cooking - but it is obviously off-site.

        I did have a bad experience at El Azteca. Used to be a go-to place for me, but after three bad experiences in a row a few years ago (cabrito was one of them), I stopped going.

    2. I'll vouch for the cabrito at El Azteca; it's tender and flavorful.

      The cabrito at Borrego de Oro is pretty good as well, but birria is their signature.

      1. I'll recommend the cabrito tacos at TomGro Grocery, which is a take-out-style shop rather than a restaurant. You can find my full report here:

        If you happen to go to San Antonio, there are several places there that do this dish well, including Los Barrios and Karam's. I should note that the cabrito is the only thing that I really like at the latter.

        1. In a nutshell, you cannot get Monterrey-style cabrito here unless you do it yourself. You can buy a kid from the local mexican markets and give it a shot. Otherwise, you're in for a long drive. Best case, you can get tacos or cabrito al horno. Sorry.

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            There are several folks in town who are big fans and do it up from time to time. I make sure I get invited to those parties.

          2. I thought I was maxed out on tacos and such, but still swung by Tomgro today because I knew it'd be a quick (& tasty) lunch, even if I wasn't in the mood.

            That cabrito has been my favourite bite around town lately. So silky-delicate, so flavourful, there's absolutely no need to dress it (although it does come with onions, sometimes off the flattop, and cilantro). Despite its lack of heat, it strikes the perfect balance of spice-makeup. It's prepared birria-style, and so that bit of consomme that makes up the "sauce" (though it's not soaking wet) adds this deep, rich flavour of the little kiddie. Oh man, this what my dreams are made of lately.

            [But dammit, they didn't have the consomme as a separate cup for me take out]