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Manhattan Muffaletta

Is there any place that even tries to make a muffaletta on this island? I'm not asking to be pointed to the best muffaletta, just ANY muffaletta. I have a serious craving which I could easily satisfy with my own hands, but if there is a deli with taste enough to have this as part of their repertoir I'd like to know.

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  1. http://www.menupages.com/restaurantde...

    We've been to Delta Grill in Hell's Kitchen a couple times. I've only ever had their muffaletta sandwich so I have no means for comparison, but let's just say he ordered it and I kept stealing it!

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      Gotta second Delta Grill. Not a deli but can place carry-out order. Awesome!

    2. Murray's Cheese makes their version of a Muffaletta- it's more gourmet than most, but at least you know that the ingredients are top-notch. I don't think they make it every day though, I would call and ask.

      1. Mara's Homemade on 6th Street off of 1st Ave. www.marashomemade.com

        I have never had it, but I am drawn downtown as though caught in a tractor beam for their bbq brisket, soft shell crabs (when they have them), and these oysters bienville that are to die for. Also, every dessert I've had has been fantastic.

        1. Ditto on Delta Grill. No one can replicate New Orleans bread but their muffaletta is tasty and appropriately huge.

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            Do they have a good, garlicky olive salad?

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              I don't recall it being especially garlicky, but the texture was right.

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              It was huge, if I remember correctly my husband had it for dinner, took home the leftovers and I ate what he brought home for lunch for 2 days! Lucky for me he hates leftovers :-)

            3. I would be very interested in the verdict. fgf did you get a chance to check out any of the recommendations?

              1. All right- I had suggested you go to Laguardia and down to Central Grocery (and still do) but I tried Delta Grill. Cute place, especially since we're losing Jacques Imo's. Had an Abita Purple Haze to get me in the right frame of mind and some crawfish popcorn to start. The muff was huge and I ordered the smaller one which was only half a loaf. The two criticisms were that it was warm therby melting the provolone (I know there are places in NO that heat the muffalettas but I don't patronize them) and the top of the loaf was covered in sesame seeds. Otherwise it wasn't bad-not enough olive spread though. My daughter's shrimp po'boy was pretty good. Will have to go back for the gumbo.