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Sep 26, 2007 03:37 PM

Brooklyn 'Hound seeks the best NC East BBQ

The wife and I are visiting her sister and husband. They're fairly recent transplants to Raleigh. She's originally from Brooklyn, he's from N.O. I wanna hear what long time residents have to say. Coming in Friday, driving out Monday we only have Saturday afternoon for the real thing (since "you people" have a thing about Sundays). Saturday night we're at Lantern in Chapel Hill (my buddy from NY/very recent transplant is a chef there, another old friend is the owner). My quick research suggests Coopers is the best Raleigh environs BBQ, and quite close to her sister's house. What do you have to tell me? I look forward to the arguing, thank you VERY much in advance, and hope I can repay the kindness with MANY suggestions on chowing up here.

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  1. Drive early to B's in Greenville.

    1. Go to Allen and Son BBQ. Its located on Highway 86 just a couple of miles north of I-40 (between Chapel Hill and Hillsborough). Probably a 30 minute ride from Raleigh. I guarantee that you will love it. Ignore those on here who bad mouth it...its fantastic.

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        Thanks guys! I don't know if we could get to Greenville. Allen and Son more likely. Since Clyde Cooper's is ten minutes away, I must ask your opinion of it.

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          Unfortunayely, I've never been to Clyde Cooper's. There have been lots of reports on it here, though...I'm sure if you do a search you'll find them. I seem to recall most of the comments have been positive.

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            Clyde Cooper's is good, Allen and Son's would be a lot better. Cooper's looks like it has not changed in 40 years, it still has all the original booths and fixtures. There is no questern that Coopers serves the real deal as far as BBQ is concerned, its just that Allen & Son is better.