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Sep 26, 2007 03:23 PM

how long is dried powdered milk good for?

i have a recipe for crumpets that requires dried milk... the bag i have has been expired for a little while (i'm ashamed to even say how long...).

is there really an expiration date on these things? they ARE dried, after all...

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  1. They are, but moisture in the air can creep in over time. Besides, even dry stuff loses its taste, which was probably the reason they put on a pull date. Why not just make them w/ fresh milk?

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    1. re: genie

      good question... i was just being a stickler and sticking with the recipe... wonder if it will make a difference.

      1. re: tuttifrutti

        It will make a difference if you don't compensate by taking out some of whatever liquid is being asked for.

        And a quick Google of "Shelf Life of Dry Milk"... gives many many returns. Most of which say, don't use it.

        1. re: Jennalynn

          thanks! i just won't do it, then...

    2. If it's a sealed bag, and hasn't been overheated or anything, it should be damn near immortal. If I were you I'd be torn between (a) adapting the recipe to real live milk and (b) using the dried stuff just to get rid of it...

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