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Sep 24, 2007 05:20 PM

Andrea Clurfeld [Split from Mid-Atlantic]

(Note: This post was split from the Mid-Atlantic board at: -- The Chowhound Team).

frankly, am surprised that anyone even reads her reviews. on several occasions, she has decimated restaurants and yet they are still there. how many places have you been where you thought "what was she thinking?" for that matter, even on this board there are mixed reviews. i have been to some of the places that are supposedly great, only to be greatly disappointed. every restaurant has a bad night and should be considered again even if one or two things were slightly amiss. its different if every aspect is horrible. i have heard bad things about per se, and this is probably the greatest american chef of our time. i guess it depends on your point of view. thoughts?

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  1. Yeah you can reason with that, if it were only one or two things. This one and another recent one, (Trinity in Keyport) by Clurfeld had almost nothing right. Even on a reviewers bad day, they would have to try real hard to find nothing up to par. It could be that in both cases the food was just plain bad. To be honest I think Clurfeld is one of the better reviewers in NJ. Granted any review can get a little wordy as reviewers try to get creative with the adjectives, but they do all have their own style.

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    1. One of my biggest complaints about AC's reviews is that they are based upon a single visit. It would be impossible to get a decent sampling of items on the menu or to get a feel for a restaurant in one visit.

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        I am a Monmouth County, NJ resident--I didn't realize that her meals are based on one visit, but I have always found her palate to be extremely mundane, and I don't find her writing particularly engaging, either.

        How she attained her position has always baffled me.

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          In her review of Trinity (link is in Scrutinizer's post) the final paragraph has a line that says "... the night of our visit..."

          I too am baffled, but take a contrarian view if she likes it I don't go, if she doesn't I figure it is worth a shot.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Haven't seen anything from her in a while, any news on her whereabouts?