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Sep 26, 2007 02:41 PM

Sandals St.Lucia restaurant reviews

La Toc (Regency):
Horrible on every level. Interruptive service, didn't return with promised answers to questions, dirty white gloves. Overcooked food, fish bones in cauliflower soup, liquid "creme brule", dessert that tasted as though it were made with coolwhip.

Kimonos: (Regency)
More Chinese than Japanese. Was painful to watch how much the shrimp was overcooked. The show was nowhere near as impressive as Teppanyaki should be. We were made to wait at least 45 minutes after our reservation time before we were seated.

Bayside (Halcyon):
Most of the made-to-order stuff was good. Fruit and salads were good, but any desserts had to put up with the humidity and were generally poor quality. The chocolate tart was good though. Steamer tray stuff was mixed ... if it was freshly filled or something like a stew that stands up to extra cooking it was fine.

The Pier (Halcyon):
Good seafood, same icky dessert buffet from the Bayside.

Mario's (Halcyon):
Our best dining experience. Excellent service, good food, knowledgeable wine steward. Everything was cooked well, the desserts were well-made with quality ingredients, and the service was professional, yet friendly.

The Beachside Grill (Halcyon):
Nice grilled fish, ordinary burgers/fries/blt/wings type stuff.

Tea at the Paradise Pool (Halcyon):
Nice cookies and scones. The sandwich fillings were mixed quality: yummy spicy egg salad vs. fake cheese slices.

The various bars offer a large selection of blended non-alcoholic drinks, most of which were pretty tasty.

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  1. Sorry to hear your experiences were mostly negative, especially whith what they seem to consider their better restaurants.
    We stayed at the GoIf Resort about 4 years ago. I remember thoroughly enjoying our meal at La Toc.They were even very accomodating when we asked to push back our reservation near the last minute since we got caught up in buying some art work. I completely agree about Kimono's, but I grew up going to hibachi/tepanyaki restaurants and expected it to be more of a gimmick for those who aren't used to that sort of thing. So, for better or worse, I think we didn't have very high expectations of the food at an all inclusive.

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    1. re: SweetPea914

      I am a travel agent specializing in the Caribbean. A few times I was a guest at Sandals . I ate at Sandals in Antigua over the years..mediocre at best. IMHO Sandals caters to the masses and their food is not their priority.The all inclusive mentality appeals to some but it does not allow the traveler to immerse themselves in the island food and culture. IMHO.

      1. re: phelana

        ITA, we have been to the Golf Resort and Spa in St. Lucia and to the larger one in Montego Bay. Both times when dh and I said we were "going into town" people looked at us like we had two heads!
        While the walk into downtown Jamaica had a sketchy moment or two, it was soooo worth it. We had some of the best Jerk Chicken where we were the only non locals and we will always remember that day. I could never fly to a foreign country and then never leave the pool!
        I remember a few times at dinner overhearing other couples conversations about how "weird" the food was. We thought it was too mainstream. Oh well, both were wonderful trips over all!

    2. i'm travelling to sandals halcyon this weekend, and i appreciate your review! i might not bother to make the trek over to the regency now...
      did you travel outside of the resorts for food at all?

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      1. re: britterbeezer

        We heard good reviews of the food at the London Pub (at the Grande), but didn't go ourselves. We went on a day trip to Martinique and got some food from the market, and ate fresh conch and fresh coconut outside the resort. However, this wasn't really a holiday about the food. If you're going for that, don't stay at an all-inclusive.

        1. re: britterbeezer

          Our 2 best and authentic meals we had were both off the resort. One was when we did the horseback ride to the beach, we had a bbq on the beach of chicken, rice etc. if you enjoy horseback riding I highly recommend it!
          Also we did the day boat to the Pitons, had lunch at one of the hotels and then went snorkeling, the lunch at the hotel there was sooo good. I still make a recipe we had, it is basically chicken cooked in a mix of banana ketchup and scotch bonnet hot sauce.
          While we never made it to the Jump Up in Rodney Bay, we really wanted to go and heard good things about it as well. We did a similar evening in Jamaica and they are a lot of fun. If you do go into Town, look for a guy that goes by the name of Bugs Bunny. He was quite the character and tour guide. We saw him about 3 times, he'll probably be in town trying to sell you cuban cigars. I'm so jealous, have fun!

        2. For the person asking for recs off resort: go to the Coal Pot! this is a small open air place with a lovely menu of fresh fish and some meats, with a variety of sauces to go with them. Also, the restaurants on Windjammer landing are very good (Just got back from a week there, gained 4 lbs!). We have heard good things about The Edge, but it was closed for vacation last week. Not sure when Chef Bobo comes back. Our friends who we saw there really enjoyed Charthouse.
          If you're looking for casual try Friday night jump up in Rodney bay. It's a street party where people sell fresh cooked local foods.
          have fun!

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          1. re: jujuthomas

            I lived in St Lucia for the last four years. There are not great fine dining restaurants in SLU. If you are looking for local food and are slightly adventurous here are a few places:
            Dont go to th Friday night Fish Fry in Gros Islet (Rodney Bay) It has gotten too dangeraous with robberies etc.
            Got to Anse La Raye instead, the fish is better and they have ample lobster
            Thursday night: Pork City in Baboneau
            In town, just past the butchers in the market you will find a kind of "Restaurant Row"
            wtih real local lunch stuff, bami, black pudding on saturdays, pigs feet, etc.
            Ladera has a great location in the south, between the Pitons. Well worth a trip for lunch.

            Safe Travels...

            1. re: berty

              Oh, I hadn't heard of problems in Rodney Bay - we had friends who went there 2 weeks ago and had no problems. Granted, you should always be careful at a street party, even in the US. :)
              I agree, St. Lucia is not necessarily a fine dining destination, but there are a few gems, and the local food is fantastic.