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Sep 26, 2007 02:18 PM

TASSIMO......a gift

Thinking of buying one for my son-in-law who lives in Savannah, Georgia. I don't believe Starbucks is very big in Savannah ...My daughter doesn't drink coffee so this is going to be used by just one person. Is this a good gift for him? He presently uses a French Press(Bodum). Advice would be appreciated...

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  1. Personally think they are a big waste of money. You can get a 2 cup coffee maker which would use regular, easy to get ground coffee. If you do get it, make sure he can buy the coffee pods somewhere close by becuse it is useless without them.

    1. I used to use a french press until I accidentally smashed it while trying to clean out the coffee grinds. It's good to use if you like to control the strength of your coffee, but I like it strong so I have to wait a while. I switched to using my espresso maker as a temporary replacement and never bothered to replace the french press since, because this is easier to clean, I have no more floating bits and the flavour is consistent. I just have to grind the beans more finely.
      Both are very simple to use, but the french press takes up a lot less room.

      Another coffee aficionado has highly recommended the stove top Italian coffee pot, as making the "best" coffee, and they come in a variety of sizes.

      I guess it comes down to space and comfort in use.
      If you're trying to tailor your gift to his love of coffee, you might also consider a coffee delivery service, where he'd get freshly roasted beans every week or two.

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        I have an Aeropress and love it. You can get them at Java Mama on Bathurst just south of Dupont but I'm sure there are other places as well.

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          Ender, I had researched the Aeropress on the web just a few weeks ago but couldn't find a Canadian distributor...thanks so much for your info (a plus for me because I live in the area!!) Tell me more about how you find the taste of the coffee and why you love this product....thanks again........

          1. re: pearlD

            It produces the closest thing I've ever had to a multi-thousand dollar european machine (my parents own one and I miss it so) with the portability of a french press. I think the coffee is great and I love how it makes espresso and lets you then make an americano if you wish. The only downside is that fact your stuck buying their filters but I don't have a hard time with this as I too live near Java Mama. Once again quality of beans makes a much bigger difference. If you do end up getting this as a gift get a pound of AMAZING coffee delivered with it.

            1. re: Ender

              My tassimo worked great for about 6 months. The purge cycle stopped working. Sent it in for repair. Returned in same condition. It is a novelty at best.
              Scrapped it.

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                I also have an Aeropress and I bought it at Birds and Beans. You can also shop online if you don't live near there. I think it was slightly cheaper than Java Mama, but I picked it up in person so didn't incur shipping charges.

                I agree the Aeropress makes a wonderful rich cup of coffee. I find that it produces a less bitter cup of coffee than a French press. As well, there are no coffee bits as you may occasionally get with the press.

                It's also much easier to clean and I have reused the filters as indicated in the instructions and it works fine.

              2. re: pearlD

                I just bought my Aeropress from Eureca, a Canadian online store with EXCELLENT customer service:


              3. re: Ender

                I have an Aeropress and like it very much. If you are a purist, you will quibble that the filter takes out some of the subtle notes of the coffee, but this hasn't bothered me very much in my daily use of it. The Aeropress is nice because it a) is quick and b) is easy to clean.

            2. No, whatever you do - don't buy a tassimo. My SO has one. When he moved in, he brought it with him. It's huge plastic contraption and I think the coffee it makes is mediocre. (I am being nice) It sits beside my espresso maker now. Mon Dieu!
              If your son in law uses a french press, he probably really likes his coffee, so I would second the recommendation to puchase the Italian stove top coffee maker. I have two of them. Brillant.

              1. If he's into coffee, something interesting like a vacuum brewer might be a cool gift. Bodum makes nice ones, both electric and not (I think they're called "Bodum Santos").

                1. In buying this for somebody, consider that you would effectively be forcing him to use the special coffee pods...a "gift" that forces somebody to spend money isn't much of a gift, in my opinion.

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                  1. re: egon61

                    Yes, you are right 'egon61'....I have pretty much decided to have a look at the Aeropress this weekend but someone on this page has also suggested looking at the Bodum Santos ...I will check it out as well, as I seem to recall it from the 80's when I worked part time at Timothy's old (long since closed) Rosedale shop.

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                      Here's a link to some product reviews provided by coffee lovers. There are reviews for the Aeropress and the Bodum Santos. Hope this helps you in your quest.


                      1. re: Degustation

                        If you really want a single cup brewer, the Keurig is a much better option. You can learn more at