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Sep 26, 2007 02:17 PM

Where should I go to watch a Sunday night Bear's game?

I usually stay in to watch games. However, my dad is coming in to town in a couple weeks and I was looking for the best place to hang out, watch the game, and enjoy good food.

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  1. A real neighborhood place would be good for this. In which city neighborhood or suburban town are you located?

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        I think Piece on North Ave. just east of Damen is a great place to watch football . . . I've done it many times . . . and I love their New Haven style pizza and house brewed beers.

    1. Will Lakeview in mind here are a couple of bars with better than average bar food;

      State on Webster & Bissel is huge with tons of flat screens. This is the only sports bar/bar and grill of its kind that is a byob. Yep, they were unable to obtain a liquor license after spending huge dollars in renovations.

      Moe's Cantina: Pretty decent Mexican Bar food with tons of flat screens. Arrive early to claim your table. The wild boar sausage, nachos, and steak tacos are a standout. Young boisterous crowd here like most Wrigleyville spots during major sporting events.

      John Barleycorn on Clark street in Wrigleyville for very good bar food and lots of flat screens.

      Mystic Celt on Southport serves pretty good Irish Pub fare. Nice space too. Don't be fooled, if the front tables filled head to the huge rear bar.

      Four Farthings on Lincoln serves up some of the best bar food in town. More of a pub than a sports bar which is why you can always find a seat during a big game.

      Grand Central on Wrightwood at Lincoln serves very good bar food and has tons of flat screens. Serious sports fans here.

      Brownstone on Lincoln 1 block south of Iriving for pretty decent bar food and quite a few flat screens.

      Fearons Public House on Ashland at Wellington serves very good bar food. Sean Fearon has done wonders with the menu after taking it over a couple of years ago. Intimate Pub atmosphere with great bar food and 8 flat screens.

      1. What about O'Donovans? They have a really good brunch on Sunday mornings, pretty decent to good bar grub (burgers, wraps, and quesidillas are my recs. Avoid the cheese plate and the painnis. The apps are on par too). Good crowd usually that is not obnoxious either.

        2100 Irving Park

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          Yep, O'Donnovans does a great brunch. You can't beat the price and the friendly staff. There's a fulltime all year heated outdoor bar as well. The regular menu is so so with a few standouts; The Cobb Salad, Burgers, NY Strip, daily fish specials, etc. are pretty good.

          Mystic Celt does an excellent Sunday brunch by an outside caterer(great group of guys) for $10.00...what a steal! FYI: Make sure you go after 12 as this is when the carving station begins.

          1. re: blondie60614

            Joe's on Weed Street is my favorite place to soak in sporting events. The place is huge with tons of televisions. Food is better than average too. Attractive servers doesn't hurt either.

          2. These all sound like good suggestions. Thanks! I have heard of almost all of them and been to a couple. I'll be sure to hit one for the game next week.