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Sep 26, 2007 02:07 PM

Myers & Chang

Has anyboy been yet?

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  1. There's another thread already started. I can't wait to go.

    1. I went last night with a friend. We liked the concept -- little plates of chinese food. Food is ok -- what we tasted. I think the menu is unclear-- we couldn't tell how many plates to order and if we needed rice with some. Personally, I just hate the restaurant trend of wait staff telling me how to order... I'm not 10. Here's what we ordered: braised pork belly buns (eh...pork was good, but we felt too big for a starter); chicken lettuce wraps (nothing special... could have been PF Changs); dan dan noodle salad (excellent... our favorite -- lots of lime and spice) and we really wanted to try the yellow chive pancake with
      chinese sausage but they brought out the scallion pancakes and told us it was the pancakes which I think wasn't intentional but still we didn't really order that. That said, scallion pancakes were tasty -- better than normal. I like the hopping, open kitchen atmosphere but others might find the music too loud to talk... it's more a fun, quick bite before you head out. I'll be back to try out some of the other little plates. We also have a pretty good bottle of wine that didn't set us back too much either. No dessert if you're looking for that... I don't think you need it. Anyway we intend to go back to try more little plates...

      1. I had been looking forward to trying this new venue when the opportunity to have lunch on a Monday presented itself. I arrived early at 11:35am to find I was alone as a diner - not to worry, I was certainly welcomed! The lunch menu is compact and easy to parse - I tried the hot&sour soup, the Dan-Dan noodles, and the mushroom omelette with stir-fried bok choy on rice. The food was impeccably fresh and hot, served without fanfare, to my simple delight! The omelette was the clear winner, perfectly cooked and fresh with fungus, a filling plate, and the one relative value for my meal - all good!

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          Went with two girlfriends last week. ironically same night as ana sortun and her party and ihsan from formaggio and his party. joanne chang and chris myers were running around checking on things. it was a fun night to be there admist the action.

          we sat at the high tables and my dcs had beer from upper new york (nice/bitter) i had lychee drink (really sweet-would recommend if you are going to get spicy food)
          we had the following and i would go back for: spareribs, pork buns, scallion pancake, dumplings, beef and noodles and the lovely macaroons that accompanied the check. We could have done without the lettuce wraps (stinky bamboo shoots really overpowered the dish for us all)

          The space got very loud as the night went on. we think they actually turned the music up-which was more distracting than delightful. the food came out as before noted by others; as it is cooked. this was fine and actually part of the charm. the bill was not outrageous and we were very full when we left (but over did it with an ice cream splurge at picco)

          I would go back to Myers and Chang for sure. I would make sure to get there earlier than 8 and plan on only being there for a few dishes. this would be a perfect lunch place if i worked in the area!

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            They do crank up the music, starting at 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights, for more of a nightclub vibe. Myers is very proud of his sound system, which admittedly is superior to most restaurant setups, with speakers everywhere.

        2. i enjoyed this... the shrimp and lemon dumplings were so tasty that i immediately ordered a 2nd plate, before i finished the 1st. i enjoyed the pork buns, though the way they do them (with the bun open on one side) is a bit difficult to eat... not that i let it stop me. i had the dan dan noodles, which were spicy enough, and i was surprised at how full i was after that. to drink, i had the Hitachino Red Nest Ale, maybe the best variety of beer by the only good Asian brewery. Glad this is finally imported to Boston.. I grew tired of my NY friends rubbing it in my face that they got it first.

          I ended up spending $40 somehow... more than I'd anticipated, but I didn't think the environment was too loud. In fact, I'm excited to return and try more of the menu. Sure, it's not Chinatown (my favorite place to explore food in the city), but I liked it. Going with a large-ish group helped.

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            I actually went myself not to long after this post and had some great dishes but also some disappointments. First of all the Wok was broken, thus eliminating over a third of their dishes many of which I wanted to try. Mama Changs Dumplings were amazing as was Tigers Tears.
            I didn't particualrly like either version of the Scallion Pancakes.
            All in all, for me there wasn't enough food of substance to get me through a meal, had the Wok been working, kinda inexcusable, maybe this would have been different.
            Did have a great beer out of a can that I had never heard of before, some kinda pork in a can or something. Reminded me of a Primus album.

          2. I had lunch there on Wednesday, my first visit. I ordered the Tiger's Tears, which is a steak salad: about six small slices of steak with assorted peppers, sweet and hot. Very delicious, but on the small side. You order at the counter when you walk in, and I asked the woman taking my order if the Asian Slaw would be a good side and she said, Sure. Only the Asian Slaw consisted mostly of the same peppers, though thankfully in a different dressing. It was all good, but the Tiger's Tears at $10 was a rather meager portion and not quite sufficient for a satisfying meal, in my opinion -- and even with the slaw side I left feeling barely full (OK, I'm a big eater). My friend ordered the beef pho, which came in a large bowl that was about 1/4 full -- again, a pretty skimpy serving for $10. This may work at dinner where you're ordering multiple plates and expecting to pay $30-plus per person, but as a lunch option, I found M & C to be rather pricey for a faux-funky joint with plastic chairs. To really enjoy myself at lunch, I'd have to order two "mains'' -- so we're talking about $20 bucks, without a drink. But, to be fair, I have to say the Tiger's Tears was totally fresh and yummy.

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            1. re: katzzz

              I enjoyed the tiger tears a few weeks ago...agree; could have been a bigger portion/price..but it is in a trendy location. You ARE paying for the atmosphere..:)

              Here's some pics with my remarks.. and comparison to Floating Rock in Revere..a local more "authentic" Cambodian place which I like.