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Sep 26, 2007 01:53 PM

The ever controversial "The Keg"

Hello all --

I'm born and raised in Toronto and have never been to The Keg. Never really had a desire to go either. But all of the talk (good and bad) on these boards makes me want to check it out.

I went to their website and they don't list prices (I'm guessing because it's a chain and prices vary by region). What's the price range for appetizers and a small steak?

I was thinking of going to the Keg Mansion, is that more expensive than other locations?

Any guidance is appreciated... and any recommendations for apps or entrees too.


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  1. I am a firm believer in the Keg. I have no issues with chains, with friendly servers (I find their servers amazing, actually) or the other issues that appear here, and I ADORE their prime rib. As far as I remember, the mansion is the same price, but either way, definitely make that your Keg experience.
    Have the prime rib. Make sure they have some before you take a seat at the bar. If you need apps in addition, I'm sure you'll be able to find something you like, but you probably won't need much.

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      The Keg is what it is.
      A safe bet.
      I prefer The Mansion but the other downtown locations are also quite nice.
      I go for the Prime Rib and a few appetizers. Service at the mansion is also very, very good. They try to turn as many covers as possible in a night so you may find it a bit rushed on a busy evening, which is why I try for a later res if I can get it. They have been known to run out of prime rib if you leave it too late, be warned.
      And oh....... did you know The Mansion location is haunted?
      In 1853, Lord William McMaster (founder of McMaster University) built himself a mansion on Jarvis St.

      Seven years later, he sold it to Hart Massey (founder of Massey Ferguson and Massey Hall). Other Masseys who lived in the house included Raymond Massey (actor) and Vincent Massey (Governor-General).

      During the early half of the twentieth century, young Lillian Massey passed away. Soon after, one of the family maids hanged herself from the oval vestibule over the main foyer, presumably out of grief.

      Since the Masseys moved on, the building has served as an art gallery, radio station, convalescent home, and a bar before becoming the Keg in 1976.

      Two apparitions have been seen within the mansion. One is that of a grisly spectre, dangling from a noose above the oval vestibule in the main foyer. The other is that of a small boy bounding up the staircase.

      Sounds of laughter have been heard from the upper floors, along with the boisterous sounds of children playing.

      Lights throughout the mansion have also been known to turn on and off by themselves.

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        thanks for the history poorboy, next time I go I'll do a little investigating lol

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          Can you tell me at what time are the 'shows' ? I can't wait...

      2. I like The Keg. It certainly doesn't break the bank and serves a pretty good steak and very good prime rib. And the Mansion is a really unique environment (and the same price as the others).

        1. I love the Keg; as a graduate student, it's one of the few steakhouses that's affordable to me. I find that the service is generally very good and professional, and the quality of the food is high and consistent. Portion sizes are very generous and I usually have leftovers to take home to snack on the next day. I've always wanted to try their beautiful desserts but I never have the appetite left.

          I think that appetizers generally range in price from about $5 to $12 or so, and a small steak would probably cost you $16 - $24. I tend to stick to the prime rib, which is excellent, and the largest portion available of that with garlic roasted mashed potatoes runs me approximately $28, I believe.

          For appetizers, I get the Caesar salad. I'm typically not a huge Caesar salad fan and generally find them disappointing at restaurants, but the Keg makes an excellent one that I love. My partner typically starts with the french onion soup and then follows that up with the steak with the blue cheese, IIRC. When it comes to entrees, though, for me, it's all about the prime rib. Order extra onion strings on the side! Oh... and they also start you off with a lovely hot round of bread with whipped butter. Fantastic!

          We typically pig out royally and bring a third of the food home, and for two people with a drink each, things tend to run us about $80 with tax but before tip.

          1. The Keg isn't all that bad, and the Keg Mansion in particular doesn't have that "chain restaurant" feel. I think it turns out a good value meal, and the prices are more than reasonable.

            It's been a while so I can't remember the prices, but I think you can expect get an entree+sides for $20-30. I usually get the filet mignon, just because of the smaller size -- I don't like to eat a lot of meat in a sitting. I've also enjoyed the mushrooms with crab and cheese ("Mushrooms Neptune"?), and I've had good and not-so-good ribs.

            1. My (limited) experience with The Keg indicates that you should stick with the "pure" steaks and prime rib. Everything else I've had there was not good -- fish, crab cakes, a steak "special" that had the saltiest 3-pepper (as in bell peppers) I've ever tasted. It absolutely ruined the steak. So I just avoid the place altogether as I can make a great steak at home quite easily. :o)

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                Agreed TorontoJo, we are stating the obvious to Chowhounds, but stick with the meat. I am often there for company events and sometimes a steak for lunch is a bit much. I tried fish, chicken and salads which were all mediocre at best.

                Have the steak or prime rib and sneak a little nap in at work in the afternoon.