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Sep 26, 2007 01:50 PM

Woods Hole, Landfall restaurant--are they kidding???

Was in Woods Hole Monday night and we arrived HUNGRY. We checked out the menu (limited) at the Landfall and decided to try it. Big mistake! I ordered a stuffed Quahog starter--gluey bread without seasoning or clams in a clam shell, served lukewarm. The salad that came with dinner was marginal. Dinner was a seafood gratin, which was scallops, shrimp and swordfish, supposedly with a crumb topping and a garlic butter sauce. It arrived without the crumb topping and with something gluey and white on top. The seafood was so overcooked that my teeth bounced off the shrimp. Truly disgusting. My husband had grilled swordfish which was overcooked and underseasoned and raw oysters, which were the only part of the meal worth eating. And the service was pathetic at best. All this for $100. STAY AWAY. Better yet, drive down to Dennisport and eat at Tom Shea's--the food was wonderful, fresh, and reasonably priced, with great service.

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    1. re: trufflehound

      I also ate there was tepid at best and the baked potato was at least a couple of days old. It does have a nice view..sunset was you think they would let me bring in my own food?

    2. The outside dock is hard to beat & you can get a quick drink at the cool bar and keep an eye on your ferry