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Sep 26, 2007 01:08 PM

Memphis to Little Rock

All: am planning a trip to Little Rock that involves flying into Memphis and driving to LR, with a possible side trip in the other direction to Holly Springs. What's good to eat along the way?

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  1. In Holly Springs, you must go to Phillips Grocery for the best hamburger you've ever put in your mouth. In Memphis, you can't go wrong with bbq, but there is plenty of other good food. What are you looking for?

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    1. re: tennreb

      Well, I do love the bbq... I guess I'm looking for places that are local and cheapish, not high end. More road food than fine dining.

      1. re: hillarybrown

        Gus' Fried Chicken in downtown Memphis is a must. If you aren't afraid of the ghetto, go to Payne's BBQ on Lamar. Less ghetto but still great are Interstate BBQ, Cozy Corner, Neely's, and Central BBQ.

        1. re: tennreb

          You should definitely go to Interstate BBQ or the BBQ Shop. Interstate is on South 3rd and fairly easy to get to. The BBQ shop is near Madison and McLean. Both have excellent ribs and bbq spaghetti yet are quite cheap. Plus the service at the BBQ shop is excellent.

          Gus' is pretty good, but I've been to the original in Mason so I'm partial to that one.

          What meals will you be eating in Memphis? Is there any particular section of the city you'll be in?

          1. re: megany09

            I'm not sure what meals we'll be eating in Memphis. We'll get there a little before 8 a.m. and we have to hit Little Rock by about 6 p.m., so we're pretty free in between. As far as a particular section of the city, I don't think we have any in mind, unless there's something around Stax, which we'd like to visit, as we didn't go there the previous time we went.

            1. re: hillarybrown

              If you're down by Stax, Interstate BBQ will be fairly convenient. Also, The Arcade is a cool little place. If I remember correctly, you can go in and sit at the booth where Elvis used to sit. It's located on 540 S. Main, and the phone number is 901-526-5757. Plus they offer breakfast since you'll be in town at such an early hour.

    2. There used to be a pretty decent catfish place in Devalls Bluff, around Forest City. Not sure if it's still around, maybe one of the Arkie hounds can bring you up-to-date. However, it tain't all that fur to LR from memphis, so just grab a water/ soda for the road and arrive at the Rivermarket area in LR hungry.

      1. You might check out the little bbq/tamale spot just off I-40 at Exit 271 (about 15 mins W of Memphis) for a sample of Delta style tamales. E side of Hwy 147 near the exit. No big deal but different and kinda fun. If you're inclined to pay homage to one of the greatest bluesmen you can make a quick detour S on Hwy 147 (about 5-10 mins) till you come upon the Paradise Gardens cemetary on the right and visit Albert King's gravesite. Then back to I-40 and on to Craig's for Arkansas-style barbecue (Exit 202 then follow 33 to DeValls Bluff then R on 70. Roughly half way between Memphis and LR). Very down home and really good. Some also like the pie shop directly across the road - look for the large hand painted scrawl on the side of the house. (Forget the catfish place outside of town - it's long gone.) Finally, Sim's Barbecue in LR is also a winner. I'm jealous.