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Sep 26, 2007 01:06 PM

Tomato seeds and skins in sauce

When making cooked tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes, do you remove skins and/or seeds? Why or why not?


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  1. I remove the skin because with the fresh tomatoes, especially the ones coming from my garden this year, the skin is thick and does not digest well. The seeds I try and get most of them, but it's not an issue if some make it to the sauce.

    1. I usually don't bother when I'm cooking for myself. Otherwise, yes. It's pretty quick and easy to blanch them and remove the skin (cut an X on the bottom first). I don't worry about the seeds.

      1. I always leave them in, as my husband and I don't mind them, but I do know people who run tomatoes through the food mill to remove them.

        1. In class, yes, at home, no. I've never been bothered by either.

          1. i think it's a matter of personal preference. i had a college roommate who had a fear of tomato skins in her cooked food, but fresh was fine...don't ask. every time i cooked a dish using fresh tomatoes [as opposed to the canned & peeled ones], before she would eat it she tortured me with the third degree about whether or not i had painstakingly removed the skins.

            i know it's evil, but a few times i left some pieces in there just for the hell of it, and of course she never noticed.

            it all boils down to texture. i do think the seeds can be a nuisance...they inevitably get lodged in your teeth, and can often be a little i always remove them. as for the skins, some people are really particular about it, in which case, remove them. personally, as long as they're not too chewy or tough, i like the rustic note they add to a sauce [or 'gravy' as some of us were taught to call it].