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Sep 26, 2007 12:51 PM

Great Lunch Spots near outlets in Florence?

Heading to Rome and Florence next week and spending a full day shopping at the outlets outside florence (The Mall, Prada, D&G etc). Does anyone have any great places that we should stop at along the way? We'll have a car, and we'll have a whole day, so please pass on any tips for good eats.

Thanks so much!!!

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  1. will check with my friends who live in the vicini of the outlets, it was a great place near montevarchi, will get the name, and post was great great great

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      its called la querce, in the town of levane, very close to montevarchi, great tuscan food, virtually no tourists..its fabulous

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        Thanks Intrepid. I ended up getting a bad gastro bug on the trip, so delicious food was the last thing on my mind. Ironic I know... In exchange for the bug I managed to do a tonne of shopping. Thank you for the tip - I will definitely check it out next time.

    2. How was the shopping? Sorry about your bug.

      We're heading to Tuscany next week - was it worth the trip to the Mall?

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        try t.o get to this place....its called la querce, in the town of levane, very close to montevarchi, great tuscan food, virtually no tourists..its fabulous

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          Hi Me -

          Here's the scoop - I take shopping very seriously and spent from 9am - 7pm shopping just at the outlets. With that in mind, here are my thoughts: Prada outlet (called Space) is fantastic if you like Prada. Very well priced, and a tonne of stuff from Miu Miu and Prada. Shoes, clothes, suits, everything was well priced, and I actually found boots that are still in stores for 50% off the store price (crazy, I know).

          The Mall has Gucci, Ferragamo, YSL, Ungaro, and a tonne of other stores. I found Gucci to be disapointing to be honest. The stuff that was there wasn't any cheaper than the regular sales they have here and the stock wasn't great (but don't forget, it changes every week, as it does with all the big outlet stores).

          Dolce & Gabbana - very close to The Mall (about 5 minute drive) - again, some very good deals and current items.

          Hands down Prada was the best store, so if you like it, then go for sure. And if you need to do some designer shopping, then check out The Mall - it can't hurt and it's always hit and miss (stock changes every week).

          Not sure how you plan on getting to these places, but I researched all options (train, bus, driver) and ended up with a driver (I didn't have a car). If you can help it, don't go on a Saturday (too busy) and try and get to Prada first as it gets pretty crowded in the afternoon.

          Good luck and have an amazing trip! Let me know if you make it shopping!

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            We loved the crazy Prada Store! It was a holiday week so they didn't open until late. So we took a very curvy drive to Gaiole in Chianti - they were having a festival similar to Winterlicious! In any case, the town was empty (All Saints Day) but we found a little resto where i had the best home made lasagna I've ever had - bechemel has never tasted so good! Plus we bumped into the owner of a winery we had met two nights before on a tour.