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Sep 26, 2007 12:35 PM

Lunch in Barcelona for 30-35 Euros or under

My mom, sister, and I will be in Barcelona for the day (Friday) and would like to have lunch for 30-35 Euros or under (including 1 glass of wine for each). I think we would probably be leaning more towards TAPAS, but are open to anything Spanish (of the region). Thanks!!!!!

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  1. I know there are plenty of other great choices, and perhaps some that I've not yet sampled are even better but I really like Paco Meralgo for lunch. I live nearby and can testify that the restaurant is nearly always hopping, with a largely local crow. The range of dishes is great and prices are, by Barcelona standards, quite reasonable. I particularly like the fried spring onions with a spicy sauce and the anchovies and garlic. The restaurant the corner of Muntaner and Corsega in the Eixample. Like many places here, they do allow smoking, so you have to be able to deal with that. If you can, though, it's a great bet.

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      Yep Paca Meralgo is a great shout. Along with Quimet y Quimet and a less heralded Basque pintxos place called Txikiron opposite Estacio de Franca, it's the place that has most impressed me in the past fortnight (and also from numerous previous visits) which have been spent in part eating and drinking my way through Barcelona.

      As professor chow says, there is a real local feel to the place, I don't think that you can go wrong here.

      1. re: professor chow

        Agreed. Paco Meralgo is a great place for great food and a good value.

        You might also want to try the places in the Boqueria market. You get good value, though you'll have to compete for space, especially at the popular Pinotxo. I liked my meal at Kiosko Universal.

      2. I was in Barcelona at the end of Aug., and without intending to, we ended up having our first and last meal at Taller deTappas. We stumbled upon it, but later saw it recommended in our guidebook also. The food was just great, and reasonably priced... but there are so many great places, I don't think you'll have any trouble.

        1. Thanks SO MUCH for your recommendations! I promise to diligently research all of the resturants and will be certain to share my experiences (and of course add pictures). You all are GREAT!!!!!