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Sep 26, 2007 12:27 PM

LBI restaurants in off-season? (non-shellfish)

I'm currently staying on LBI (last week of Sept.) with my family, and we're having a hard time finding restaurants for dinner that are a) open, b) have non shellfish options and c) are reasonably priced. any suggestions would be appreciated. we went to raimundos one night, and it was tasty, but too expensive for more than once. thanks!

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  1. Tuckers,....Kubels.....

    1. The Gateway, Dutchmans, Plantation, VooDoo Steakhouse (a little pricey), Terrace Tavern. You can always go to Manahawkin, a few minutes off the island for places like Fabian's, The Garlic Grill, or chains like TGIFridays and Applebees. Depends what you like.

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        Dutchmans food has been horrible in my experience, and VooDoo is every bit as expensive as Raimundos. Cheap eats are hard to find on LBI. Terrace Tavern is now only open Fri-Sun; the food has always been good. I've also had good eats at the Marlin in Beach Haven, and across the street from there, Buckalews is serviceable. The cheapest eats around, and a place worth a stop just for the novelty, is the Holiday Snack Bar in Beach Haven, down by the bay. It's been around for 50 years or so and has traditionally closed for the season on Labor Day, but this year the owner is keeping it open weekends thru Sept.

      2. thanks for the speedy replies! tuckers was also recommended to me by our neighbors.

        1. I've also had really tasty sandwiches at Joey's Pizza & Pasta and great pizza at Gino's in Brant Beach.