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Sep 26, 2007 12:15 PM

Venice: Trattoria al Ponte - bad meal warning!

We have just come from a very mediocre/bad meal at Trattoria al Ponte, in Santa Croce (across from La Zucca). I had tortellini which was way too salty, my husband got served some greasy lasagna. My main course of fish was pretty bland, and my husband's chicken was dry. Needless to say, we did not stay for dessert.

For Venice, this place is not expensive - our meal, with 1/2 litre of (bad) wine was under 50 euros. The service was fine. However, unless it is just low cost sustenance that you are after, go elsewhere. Although I am not sure where seems a decent meal at a reasonable price is hard to come by in this town.

I hope our meals tomorrow are better.....

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  1. dont make excuses for it this place is really mediocre - Ive posted about it before - I assume you used it as a fallback after being turned away by Alla Zucca - as we were.
    Waste of a meal. Im sure it only exists because of the spillover. Alla Zucca is one place where a reservation seems to be desirable in the evening. There are other good restaurants in the area but when you are hungry and disappointed this place's location makes it just too tempting. Sorry.

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      Alas, you are correct - it was an alternative to La Zucca. But I am feeling revived because we went to La Zucca this afternoon for lunch and it was the best and most reasonable meal we had in Venice so far (we also went to Da Ivo the first night here...the food was good, but the prices....ouch...I thought it was too expensive for what we got).

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        Do either of you happen to know if a reservation can be made at Alla Zucca from the U.S.? I'm taking my boyfriend to Venice for his birthday in January, and I was going to create a post asking for suggestions of where to take him for a birthday dinner when I ran across this thread.

        His birthday is on a Saturday night, but it's in January, so I'm not sure how crowded Venice will be at that time of year. Any help/advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks!

        1. re: Kyliebaby3

          Kylie, you could probably call La Zucca when you get to Venice to reserve in January, but you can call from the US to reserve if you want to be sure. They definitely speak enough English to take a reservation. The number is 39-041-524-1570.

          The only night I would call way ahead is for the first Saturday in January, as this is still holiday time in Italy.

          1. re: Shannon

            they may also be on vacation at that time - they were closed during the week after Christmas in 2000. Worth a call to avoid disappointment.

            There are other very satisfying restaurants in Venice - Anice Stellato, for example - since you are going over the holiday and January low period,, you might want to have some extra places in mind, since some of your picks will be closed.

          2. re: Kyliebaby3

            Carnevale starts on January 25 in 2008, so I'd also reserve pretty far in advance for Saturday, January 26.

            1. re: zerlina

              Thanks for the helpful tips everyone :) I think I will settle on a place before we go and try to make a reservation soon. His birthday is on a Saturday night, which could lead to problems like you've all mentioned. Definitely don't want to disappoint the birthday boy :)

              1. re: Kyliebaby3

                We've just returned from four marvellous days in Venice. Our best meal was at La Piscina, on Zattere, with a view of Santa Maria del Salute in the distance over the water. Unusually, it does several vegetarian as wellas fish and meat dishes. The gnocchi with porcini and wild boar were delicious, also the orato (bream, I think) in saor. The desserts looked excellent but we had an ice at Nico instead.
                You may not want ice creams in January, but just in case .... possibly the world's best coffee ice cream can be found in a cafe in the square at the back of Santa Maria dei Miracoli.

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