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Sep 26, 2007 11:51 AM

Sushi 2nd timer

What would you recommend for a second timer? I mean I've had lots of cooked sushi like California Rolls (Crab), Shrimp Tempura Rolls, Philadelphia Rolls (Cooked Salmon) which I've all liked. What I've tried raw: tuna (scared me a little bit) yellowtail (not AS scary) Eel (not a favorite). I tried a tuna tartar w/ a sesame sauce that I did like though so I guess I am making steps. What would you recommend? I think I can be a bit braver and more opened minded going into this time.


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  1. Also, what are the less fishy and more tender of all the raw fishes? That might be a safer bet for me.

    1. Raw, I like salmon - a nice, red, piece... very tender and not fishy at all

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        I agree - I think salmon is a good fish to start with. I also like Spanish mackeral, which to me does not have nearly as strong a flavor as other mackerals.

      2. You're in LA right? I think a place like Sushi Zo that serves cuts of fish cut on the smaller side (of incredible quality) is a great to start. I think big cuts of raw fish can be overwhelming for sushi newbies.

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        1. As far as raw sushi that's on the not-too-scary side, you might have some luck with salmon and butterfish. Both have a nice buttery soft texture, and the taste is very mild - not fishy at all. Sorry you didn't like the tuna.. leaves more for me, though! :)

          1. I love salmon roe. I believe it's called Ikura. Looks like vitamin E tablets. My daughter tried it when she was about 5 and said it tasted like a wave crashed in her mouth. Couldn't have said it better myself. With lots of wasabi.

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              I think the little explosions of fish babies in the OP's mouth might be a little overwhelming, but perhaps she is more adventurous than I give her credit for.

              I would have recommended yellowtail as a great intro along with salmon. Try shrimp (ama-ebi), mackerel (aji), tuna belly (toro). Those should all be good intros to get you ready. Most newbies also like tempura rolls (the crunchy ones), spider rolls (deep friend soft-shell crab) and of course dragon rolls.

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                "Explosion of fish babies"... Nice. I grew up with sushi and that made me squirm. :)

                I'd say JungMann's recommendations are right on except for maybe the mackerel which might be a little strong as another poster noted. If you liked the tuna tartare, I'd say try spicy tuna... In general, I'd stick to maki (rolled sushi) versus nigiri (hand-formed rice ball with a slice of fish on top - w/ or w/out a dab of wasabi underneath) until you get the feel for what you really like and don't. You'll get a taste of whatever the main seafood is without being overwhelmed by it.