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Sep 26, 2007 11:25 AM

Casual first date in Burbank/surrounding areas?

Going to meet someone for the first time tonight and was just wondering where a good place to meet up would be. I'm hesitant to call it a "date"; but there is an attraction between us. I suggested something casual such as meeting for coffee (maybe Romancing the Bean?) but since it will be in the evening (8pm on), coffee might not be such a good idea as we both have to get up early for work. But then again, we don't HAVE to get coffee there...

Long story short, looking for cozy places (dessert shops? no bars please) to meet and talk, preferably in Burbank and surrounding locales: Studio City, NoHo, etc.

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  1. Word, Mr. Jodie, decaf...for a wildly eclectic first date I would go get tacos at Tacos La Fonda, the taco truck on the northwest corner of Vineland and Vanowen, then go to the Baklava Factory on Sherman Way just west of Coldwater for dessert. But, I've been married for nineteen years so I can recommend possibly suicidal first dates.

    1. Sidewalk Cafe on Glenoaks up towards Glendale maybe? Not sure how late they're open, but they have coffee & desserts, and a branch of Cold Stone is located right there attached to the sitting area.

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        Sorry but I really don't agree w the above posts. If you want to impress a lady, take her to Aroma on Tujunga --a very cute coffee house where you can get a nice dessert or a lite meal OR take her to Alcove in Los Feliz, near'ish Burbank. I think they're sister restaurants. First impressions are important for the lady-folk and I think if you take her to an upscale coffee-house, you're off to a good start.

        In all fairness, never been to Sidewalk Cafe but Cold Stone is more in the "I'm in a relationship and don't care if I get fat" stage and the taco trunk is very niche. Also later in the game.

        Have fun and listen to me! I was an excellent dater back in the day (married now) --

        1. re: Silverlaker

          Thanks guys! Awesome info. I'm definitely thinking more of a "mom&pop/quaint" setting than a franchisey place such as ColdStone, but I really appreciate the info.

          And yes, I'm hoping to impress her. =)

          1. re: MrJodie

            I'd second the Aroma Cafe or just down the same street is the new Gelato Bar (same side about 5 stores down). Both are non-chains and good food. Desserts at Aroma are awesome.

      2. Aroma rocks, but i think you should go to Caioti Pizza Cafe
        grab some delicious eats, its a BYOB so bring a favorite wine, then go to either the Gelato Shop next door... get the Blood Orange Gelato. YUM. - or Aroma for cakes.. they have unbelievable baked goods... or go to both :-)

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        1. re: Jaybay

          I think women like to be fed, even if they don't admit that early on in a relationship haha :-). And if it's 8pm you should find out whether she'll have eaten or not. If she hasn't, she will be hungry! (And if you all are a little nervous first date ish wise, you won't realize how hungry you are but you will have a better date getting something good to eat!) So the upscale coffee houses ideas, that have light meals or pizza would get my vote.

          1. re: MaryT

            Great ideas. Still thinking about Romancing the Bean though - haven't been there after dark but they have great sandwiches and paninis, and the atomsphere is great. Although they do have open mic some nights (not good for dates). But if you really hit it off and want to grab something to eat, there's NY Pizza Deli next door and Gordon Biersh and Wokano (and other options) steps away.

        2. This is almost scary ... after I read the OP but before I read the replies I was going to suggest either the Aroma or Caioti. I've taken more than one lady to the Aroma on a first date, and caioti IMHO is just about the best pizza in LA.

          Here's a thought ... since none of these places need advance reservations, take her to Moorpark and Tujunga and decide together on the spot. If she's especially hungry, there's also Vitello's, old-fashioned Italian food, which has the added factor of being a hot spot on the list of L.A.'s Most Famous Crime Scenes. What a great first date conversation starter!!! ;P

          Aroma Cafe
          2530 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064

          Caioti Pizza Cafe
          4346 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

          Vitello's Restaurant
          4349 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

          Gelato Bar Wholesale & Retail
          4342 1/2 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

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          1. re: maxzook

            maxzook.. that is a brilliant plan. so many options on that one block.. -- oh and puhleeeeease do not disregard Henry's Tacos!!!! i LOVE the hard shell tacos... and The Starlite Room is a fantastic dive bar, cash only. They have pool and darts if want to get into a competition.. :-)

            1. re: Jaybay

              And how could I forget Sushi 101 or Zen Chi?

              Sushi 101
              11331 Moorpark St, North Hollywood, CA 91602

              Zen Chi Bistro
              11334 Moorpark St, North Hollywood, CA 91602

              1. re: Jaybay


                Sushi 101
                11331 Moorpark St, North Hollywood, CA 91602

                Zen Chi Bistro
                11334 Moorpark St, North Hollywood, CA 91602

                Henry's Tacos
                11401 Moorpark St, North Hollywood, CA 91602

                1. re: maxzook

                  Zen Chi is no more!! its now some strange place called "Nick's Grill" but its still the same decor...bizarre. I kind of am dying to go in there and check it out.

                  1. re: Jaybay

                    I want to thank everyone for their excellent suggestions. I chose Aroma, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Perfect!! She shared some of my cheesecake (which was topped with a brownie...cue the Homer Simpson gargling sound) and spent the better part of three hours talking and laughing. I'm feeling a bit "Cloud 9" at the moment. I can't wait to go back to that area and try the other places that were mentioned-- they look just as good! Thanks again guys~

                    1. re: MrJodie

                      that is amaaazing... :-) glad it was a success, and thats for telling us how it went! funny enough, i almost walked over to aroma last night and might've spotted you two and the cheesecake!

                      take care,