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Sep 26, 2007 11:20 AM

Anyone tried the tasting menu at Tabla?

Tell me what you think please.

I am going this weekend and trying to decide whether to get the tasting menu or not.

Was the duck dish any good?

Any general tips? I have never been.

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  1. I tried the tasting menu with wine pairings with two friends around March of last year. Overall, I found the menu to be extremely interesting and well worth the price of admission. The fish dishes (tuna three ways, rice coated fluke) were delicious- light yet still complex. The nan and roti that kept coming out were some of the best that I've had. By the time we hit the duck course however, my friends and I had consumed quite a bit of wine, thereby impairing our judgment ever so slightly. To be honest, the duck was my least favorite course of the night. Compared to the intriguing flavors that had been present throughout the evening, the duck course seemed rather mundane. Nevertheless, I wouldn't let my opinion of the duck disuade you from doing the tasting menu. It was a great meal and I hope to have the chance to return to Tabla soon.

    Hope this helps...

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    1. Had the tasting menu downstairs @ Bread Bar. Loved it.

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        I've also enjoyed everything that I've eaten at the Bread Bar, but gather that the menu at Tabla - and the kitchen - is diifferent.

      2. I've done it a few times, and while I couldn't cite specific dishes, I've thought it was excellent when I did it. I'd recommend going that route whole-heartedly.

        1. I had the chef's tasting menu with wine parings. It was great, though I went about a year go. They didn't have the duck, but I do remember a rich crab foie gras, the best shrimp ceviche ever, perfectly cooked langoustines, and seared wagyu beef. There was a guinea hen and morels dish that was a little oversalted, and an umremarkable white fish crusted with beans (forget which kind--they had to substitute the fish because they were out of John Dory).

          Overall, the service, the space, and the food were all satisfying, and I ended up enjoying myself through my wine pairing haze. Make sure to take your time though; we left almost uncomfortably stuffed.

          I want to try the tasting menu at Bread Bar now! What kinds of dishes do they serve?