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Sep 26, 2007 11:19 AM

Agoura Hills Recs - Sushi? Korean?

Going to be in Agoura Hills tonight. Meeting a friend at the Canyon Club. Any dinner recs? I would love to find a good sushi restaurant or Korean BBQ joint in that area if possible.

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  1. Shibuya in Calabasa is probably the best sushi in the area. It's by the Commons. For Korean, you would probably need to head further east.

    1. If you're going to the Canyon Club, you also have hte option of getting regular BBQ at Wood Ranch. That's because there's nothing in the way of Korean for a long ways off.

      As for sushi, Shibuya is your best bet, though admittedly I haven't looked for sushi west of Agoura since Hiyama closed in TO.

      Other recs near the Canyon Club include Fabrocini on Agoura Rd next to Chapter 8. And Padri's makes a decent martini and pretty good Italian, though I still prefer Fabrocini a few yards away.

      1. There is a sushi place called Bamboom in the same center as Canyon club, but I have not been to it, so cannot vouch for it. Not aware of any nearby Korean, but there is a good regular American BBQ place on Roadside drive about a quarter mile from CC. Willy's Smokin' BBQ. Good pulled pork, ribs, etc. Convenient and reasonably priced. Full bar available if that matters.

        Willy's BBQ & Grill
        28434 Roadside Dr, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

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          Thanks Scrappy! Yes, I've heard of bamboom and heard it was really good although the name of the place escaped me. I'll definitely have to try it out and report back. Thanks again.

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            Just my 2 cents on the Agoura "BBQ Boulevard":
            While Willy's and WoodRanch BBQ are located on the same street and merely a block or two from each other, they are completely different places, each with their own delicious offerings. Willy's is smaller (quiet, relaxed) and reasonably priced, plus it is not a franchise. (Death to MOST franchise restaurants!) WoodRanch however is just simply "yummy". Expensive, but worth it.
            I hate having to decide between the two when it comes to eating there...

          2. You poor thing..neither Sushi nor Korean BBQ that is stellar is to be had in the area. Shibuya is OK, though.

            You could try the Sushi Bar at Yamato. Sometimes it is better than shibuya. that Yamato has more edible sushi than the encino one.

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            1. re: Diana

              We had some of the worst sushi we've ever had (and we've had BAD before) at the Encino Yamato location. I've also been to Shibuya, and had some of the BEST sushi I've ever had there.

              C'mon, Diana, could the Agoura Yamato really top Shibuya, even on an off night? If so, please give details, what you order, rolls, etc.?

              1. re: GK in SO

                I dunno, both Yamatos aren't all that great, but neither is Shibuya.

                I had OK sushi at the Agoura Yamato a while back (desperation stop for hunger on way home from SB) I had some nice uni, a good piece of yellowtail, and there was a nice squid stuffed with blue crab app that was pretty yummy.

                But for sushi near agoura hills I'd make the trip to Oxnard for Masa and their great sushi and press box sushi. Or just drive to Iki in the valley.