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Sep 26, 2007 11:14 AM

Prime Grill Online??The Kosher Omaha Steaks

Looks like there is a new kosher player in the market. Check out It seems we can now get their awesome steaks from the restaurant at home. Has anyone ordered from them yet?

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  1. Looking forward to placing my first order! The pictures alone made me salivate!!

    1. Wow. The prices are hardly lower than in the restaurant! At least there they do the dishes!

      1. its not enough that they charge close to $200 for 4 RAW steaks, they also have a minimum $25 charge for shipping (it goes up the more you order). If you can afford this, you can afford to swim with Scrooge McDuck in his Tower of Money.

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        1. re: itreu001

          There is definitely an opportunity for someone to sell fine cuts of steak via mail order for a more reasonable price than what is being charged by this website.

          1. re: itreu001

            $225+ for 4 raw pieces of steak, some people have so much money to burn it boggles the mind. I sure hope that they are as generous to charitable causes as they are to their stomachs,

            Raw yet!

            1. re: MartyB

              Hey, all of you entrepeneurs out there, create a mail order kosher fine cut steak company. You can charge less than these exorbitant Prime Grill prices and still make a good profit.

          2. A quick Google search leads one to Aaronsgourmet ( ). They ship Glatt Kosher aged steaks for less that half of what Prime Grill charges.


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            1. re: MartyB

              It\'s Harry Cohen's hashgacha which has been extensively discussed, in previous posts, as being very suspect.......

              1. re: wallstbnkr

                Here (Aaron's Gourmet) is an example of a place that might do more business if they had a hashgacha that was more universally accepted.

                1. re: moonlightgraham

                  But they may do more (local and/or Conservative) business because their prices are lower and their selection wider than most glatt butchers. Hard to say...

            2. Another place that has very good meet is Grillers Pride out of Atlanta I believe they will ship any where in the continental US -