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Sep 26, 2007 11:14 AM

Alebrije trouble?

My wife and I are big fans of Alebrije on 65th & Roosevelt in Seattle, but noticed that they appear to have been closed since last Friday evening. No big signs on the door saying they are closed for business or anything.
We did see a 5-6 people inside eating on Sunday afternoon, but the restaurant itself was dark. This, with the recent menu changes/item removals, seems, obviously, troubling.

Anyone have any info? also seems to be down.

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  1. <darth vader>NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!</darth vader> Dangit. I knew they were going to close. Every time I went there, it was too quiet, too empty. Especially considering how good the food was. Please, let it just be a vacation....

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    1. re: jaydeflix

      Gah!!! So, I walked by the place today and there's notices on each of the doors about unpaid taxes... :(

      1. re: We Heart Food


        Where to get the mole fix now....

    2. What did you guys like at this place?
      I went a few times and their drinks and the queso fundido with cactus were the only things I found to be any good. The seafood dishes weren't bad, but weren't spectacular.

      It is/was a decent place, with a really nice family working there, but I didn't have anything special.

      If I can go again, what should I get?

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      1. re: GreenYoshi

        I thought the moles were some of the best I've had in Seattle...

      2. A new place, India Bistro, is moving into Alebrije's old spot.

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        1. re: We Heart Food

          India Bistro like a branch of the one in Ballard? Because that make me reaaaaalllly happy....