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Sep 26, 2007 11:08 AM

Would you eat this shepherd's pie?

While a friend was staying with us for a few days last week, he very sweetly made a shepherd's pie for dinner. it was delicious hot out of the oven, but he made enough to feed an elite squadron of famished military professionals. we nibbled on the leftovers for a day or two after that, but the remainder has been sitting in the fridge for exactly a week. do you think the leftovers are still good to eat? or should i chuck it?

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  1. I'd chuck--I'm assuming it includes ground meat, which degrades fairly quickly. Even if it's safe, it'll taste old by now.

    1. Food safety experts would say to toss it, but as long as it's been refrigerated the entire time - that is, the only part that's been reheated has already been eaten - *I* would eat it, as long as it hasn't (a) grown fuzzy or colorful and (b) doesn't smell 'off'. Then again, I tend to eat leftovers a lot longer than the aforementioned experts recommend.

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        Ground meat doesn't deteriorate as quickly when cooked as when raw. I've kept Bolognese sauce, with ground beef, in the fridge for a week, and it was still OK.

        But then, why didn't you freeze it?

        1. re: ekammin

          maybe it depends on the flavourings... i find that chili lasts forever too.
          i've eaten shepherd's pie that old and i was fine. taste does suffer but it wasn't worse than my conscience on throwing out food

      2. I wouldnt eat it, but then again I wouldnt have eaten it for the last few days, or the night it was served.

        Leftovers in my house are kept for 3 days, and then thrown out if they have not been eaten. A very rare occurance

        1. If it was made one week ago it's time to toss it... leftovers get kept for five days in our house and if they're not eaten by then it's time to put them in the trash... if you ever get stuck with that much shepherds pie again it freezes perfectly well. :)