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Sep 26, 2007 10:59 AM

Help need restaurants for business lunches w/private room

I'm scheduling some lunch meetings around the country and I'm looking for recommendations for restaurants in Seattle, Dallas, Miami, Orange County and Boston that have a private or semi-private room for a business meeting for 12-15. I've never been to any of these cities so I could really use some guidance.

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  1. Perhaps if you post in each individual city on Chowhound, you'll get a proper answer.

    And, please be more specific with what you mean by Orange County - it's an enormous and vast county.

    1. With no budgetary guildlines to go by; I think I can count 16 chairs (*) in The Wine room at Rothschild's which is in Cornina Del Mar just south of Newport Beach:

      Read 2nd reply from DF:

      (*) 1 being hidden under the camera.

      1. Maggiano's has locations in most of those places and their private rooms are nice.

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          Jaggerhaus, 57 at Ball Road, has a nice big room for a group that size if you're looking for good food not fancy. You need to be a little more specific though on what you are looking for location, price and food wise.