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Sep 26, 2007 10:44 AM

Pomodoro and Ten Tables

Hi! I moved to Boston about a year ago and stumbled upon this site a couple months ago and it has helped me find so many great places in Boston -- Franklin Cafe, No. 9, Delux, Taranta, Petit Robert Bistro, Silvertone, to name just a few, so thank you! I haven't posted before, but in the past couple of days I ate at Pomodoro in Brookline and Ten Tables in JP and had excellent experiences so I thought I'd share.

A friend and I went to Pomodoro on Saturday night and everything was great -- the bread to start was delicious and then we split the veggie antipasti which was awesome. It had a combination of, among other things, eggplant (grilled and pureed), red peppers, hummus, some type of cheese, grilled crostini, etc. My friend had the duck risotto and I had the salmon -- both delicious. Between the two of us, we tried a couple different drinks which were great as well. We opted not to order dessert, but the waitress brought us a tiramisu on the house, which we clearly could not turn down...delicious as well!

Last night, I went with three others to Ten Tables and had the four course, wine paired dinner which last night was inspired by Spain. All the courses and wines were great: greens with hazelnuts and aprocots, sauteed squid in a spicy tomato sauce, chorizo with white beans and breadcrumbs, and a rich chocolate cake with almond brittle.

I heard about these two places through this site as well, so thanks again!

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  1. We always appreciate posts from those who benefit from the site so thanks!

    1. You hit one of my favorites (Ten Tables) on one of its best nights (Tuesday wine dinners) - sounds fantastic. Thanks for taking the time to report back!

      1. I've had the same dessert experience at Pomodoro, even when they told us they needed the table in about an hour. So delicious. Try them for Sunday brunch sometime, there are some unique items on the menu.