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Sep 26, 2007 10:24 AM

Looking for an Interesting and Healthy place between Culver City and Glassell Park

A friend emailed and a spry but fastidious 80 year old relative is coming to town from SF. He doesn't eat anything fried and tries to keep as much fat out of the diet as possible. We think he'll eat Thai, but we're not sure about sending them to a vegan restaurant. Price range is between $10 and $20 an entree. The friend was thinking Hollywood might be a good in between place to meet but I am open to suggestions.

Take Care

- P.

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    1. Ugo and Tender Greens in Culver City might work. Both are fairly healthy and not that expensive.

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      1. re: earl1971

        It would be great if it was closer to Glassell Park

      2. Not sure what time of day he's thinking of, but how about Joans on Third?

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          Sorry, this would be for dinner. Joan's is a thought if the Expansion makes it into more of a restaurant then what it was.

        2. Marouche (I think on Santa Monica Blvd toward the eastern part of Hollywood) is Lebanese, very tasty and pretty healthy for the most part (if you don't order the fried things). Lots of meze / appetizers to choose from and to share. Easy for a vegetarian, but also good for meat eaters. It's a small, un-fancy place, but very friendly. I've had many fun and delicious dinners there.

          1. If you're thinking about something closer to Glasell about Gingergrass in Silverlake? It's right across the street fro Silverlake Wine on the corner of Silverlake/Glendale Blvd on the same side of the street at the RedLion Tavern.
            It's fresh Vietnamese food...lots of stuff to choose from that isn't fried.
            It can get loud in there but it's fun and you can't beat the prices.
            Everything comes with tons of fresh greens, sprouty things, shredded carrots and cucumbers on the plates...everything looks pretty and tastes just as good.