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Sep 26, 2007 10:22 AM

Ruths Chris ? (moved from Ontario)

Just wondering about Ruth's Chris... Hype? Worth it? Somewhere better ? Let me know

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  1. eaten at the one in hawaii....
    for the price, i'll go to the keg because the quality is NOT that much better

    1. It's steak. Fried in butter.

      Good? Yes. Worth the price? Debatable. It's just steak.

      1. It is steak that is grilled at $1800 and finished with butter (you can ask for it 'without the sizzle' or no butter). USDA prime beef-pretty tasty stuff. The crabcakes are really good. Is it worth it? To each their own-I don't really go often and the last time I did was for the opening of the Mississauga location and I didn't actually pay....just tipped.

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          I sure hope you mean 1800 degrees.

          1. re: mstacey42

            yes I did mean 1800 degress....I didn't remember the prices being THAT expensive.....

            1. re: robgm

              And it's not so much grilled as it is roasted in an 1800 degree oven, n'est pas?

        2. My Uncle's (through marriage) mother started the Ruth Chris steakhouse chain. It is now a public restaurant. I have never eaten at Ruth Chris but have had some of the secret family recipes and can say theyre fantastic. Try the creamed spinach.

          1. I've been to the one at the Hilton (downtown Toronto) and thoroughly enjoyed it. When making my reservation, the hostess inquired if it was for a special occasion and that was just the start of the excellent service we received. Our waiter was truly professional -- friendly but not obtrusive, very knowledgable about the menu and preparations, and gave good suggestions probably based on his "read" of us. I've never had better service before or since.

            The steak was better than what you can get at the Keg, hands down. I chose to go to Ruth's Chris because my SO likes steak and always orders it when it's on the menu. He told me he thought it was the first time he had a "real" steak, and could actually "taste the cow".

            It was overall a great experience. I've eaten at Barbarian's and the steak there is also very good, but when I compare the service and atmosphere, I'd choose Ruth's Chris. (I know steakhouses are usually sort of dim, but it's SOOO dark and cramped in Barbarian's - I'd like to see the food I'm eating! And get up from my table without having to move the table - and I'm a small person.)

            Ruth's Chris also has special offers if you use American Express. Right now they are offering a $40 gift card when you purchase $250 gift cards.
            They also mailed me a coupon for a free appetizer for the next time I had dinner there. Nice small touches.

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              I am on the fence about this one. First time I went, I was really impressed. The appetizers were really good, I had the crab bisque and the lobster stuffed mushroom caps. For the main course, I ordered the rib eye steak sizzling in butter and it was like nothing I have ever eaten. However the second time there, the novelty wore off. I found the steak was in way too much butter and the cut was really fatty!! I felt kind of sick after eating it. The garlic mashed potatoes were swimming in butter and it was way too rich for me as well. In conclusion, I think it is a good place to just try once but after the novelty wears off so does the thrill.