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Touring and Eating through the Rockies

kayreed Sep 26, 2007 10:20 AM


My hubbie, dog and I are touring the inter-mountain west from Montana to, eventually, New Mexico.

I want to alert fellow Chow Hounds about two great spots we have found thus far.

In Red Lodge Montana, be sure to visit the Cafe Regis. It is off the main street, open for breakfast and lunch. They make all their food from scratch, including breads and English Muffins. Good honest fare. They also have a grocery store in the cafe filled with delights unseen at a regular grocery in these parts....Indian food and spices, whole grains, etc. They even sold me produce, honey and yogurt from their own stores. Martha is an owner and a great gal to converse with.

In Cody WY, we ate dinner at Suzettes (either on 16th or 19th). It is a lunch and dinner place. She proudly proclaims to have the best food within 1000 miles that is not a steak house. We had a yummy pork marsala and a vegetarian lasagna. I had a very fresh salad and my husband had an amazing roasted tomato soup. Fresh plum cobbler for dessert.

We also ate well at the Livingston Farmer's Market where a local hog rancher makes great pulled pork and the local brewery brings out a keg. I think the market is closed for the winter now, but it is a great destination.

I'll keep you posted as to any other finds as we go along. And, if one of you fellow readers knows of spots in Eastern WY, Colorado (in the mountains), northern NM or Souther UT, I'm all ears!



  1. k
    kayreed Oct 3, 2007 09:36 PM

    Post Two - Ate an amazing meal at the Corn Exchange in Rapid City, SD. Fresh tomato salad with a basil oil and fresh mozzarela, farmer's market squash soup with a deep chicken stock flavor, nova lox on a fresh corn pancake, a buffalo steak with mushrooms, potatoes and green beans. The chef is from the area but spent many years cooking in NYC. She was featured in Gourmet several years ago. If you are within an hours drive, it is well worth the trip. Wine list is great too!

    1. The Chowhound Team Sep 27, 2007 09:12 AM

      Please do post your further adventures in the Rockies, et al, however, please post reports about Colorado, New Mexico and Utah dining on the Southwest board.


      1. Striver Sep 27, 2007 06:16 AM

        Just to note that if you actually feel like a steak in Cody, Wyoming's Rib & Chop House is excellent - one of the best ribeyes I've ever had anywhere. Also, in Buffalo, Wyoming (NE on the eastern side of the Bighorn range), the Virginian Restaurant, attached to the Occidental Hotel, is also very good; we had a beautiful cut of prime rib and outstanding baby back ribs with a huckleberry & chipotle glaze.

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        1. re: Striver
          doomslayer85 Dec 20, 2007 07:21 AM

          Also if you want a good burger just like a quick bite to eat but a juicey tasty burger. Go to the Dash-Inn just off of I-25. I used to live in Buffalo and this is where everyone went if you wanted a burger. My personal fave is the Super-Bacon-Dash-Burger. Nowhere else will you find a burger like this. Everything is fresh aside form the nacho-chips. I can guarantee this. My little sister works there and man....I've eaten there for the 19 years i've been alive and i'll tell yah if you want a burger go there if your driving through. It is definately something to write home about.

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