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LOoking for an attractive waitstaff AND good food?

...Does the combination exist?
I am doing a bachelorette evening for my best friend who is getting married, we LOVE Italian but her fiance does not! So I thought I ould treat her to a "last supper" so to speak in the North End, do any of the recommended restaurants in the neighboorhood also have an attractive waitstaff? We've allready been to the crappy places with the oerzealous waitstaff.
Thank you

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  1. Union Bar in the South End has good food, and an attractive waitstaff. However, most of them seem to be gay, so if any of the bachelorettes were hoping to get phone numbers from any of them, it might be tough.

    1. Please help us keep the focus on delicious chow by discussing places that you would recommend for good food that also happen to meet the OP's other request.


      1. OK, no need to get all riled up about whether you agree with the OP's request philosophically. (There are plenty of other threads to contribute to...!)

        That said, you may have to venture out of the North End for Italian-restaurant hotties.

        MarcO is the only place in the North End where I've had both great food and (pretty) good eye candy.

        Sasso, in the Back Bay, has a few hunky servers; the food is very good there, if consistently overpriced.

        At Via Matta (Park Square), the food is great (though not cheap), and there's a considerable hot-bartender quotient.

        I've seen attractive servers at Umbria (Financial District), which serves solid Italian (and apparently it was the last place Tom Brady and Bridget dined before announcing their breakup...).

        And Sage, in its hot new South End location, I suspect would have jumped on the hottie-hiring bandwagon, but I haven't been there yet. So someone else will have to assess the candy quality....

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          Thanks so much for all the input. I never meant to offend or degrade Chowhound or it's users with this post. I am a frequent user of Chowhound and I always find the info insightful, honest, and accurate. Thanks again

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            What did you choose and how did it work out?

            I like this board because many can disagree and still return for its benefits.

        2. The (female) bartender at Prezza, blanking on the name, is one hot tamale.

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            Kim is her name. She is great looking and an excellent bartender.

          2. How about Hooters? They have marinara with their cheese sticks, so i guess you can call that "italian" :)

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              I know you're being facetious, hargau, but I must point out the franchise holder of all of the Hooters outlets in MA and NH went Chapter 7 a few months ago. I suppose it's too much to hope that the Friend Street location of the former Hooters will eventually house something serving decent food. The West End remains a pretty grim place for chow.

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                LOL i didnt even notice/realize that. I went into the one near the fleet center once, figured that must have been a gold mine given its location. The Nashua one always seemed empty/odd location. Friend told me he loved their wings so i had to try them, i wasnt impressed

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                  Well, "wings" is one euphemism, I guess....:)

              2. I'm hoping that by attractive waitstaff you mean servers who enlighten you, give great advice, and relay reasonable requests back to the kitchen, where it is all happening. That said, I have recently experienced great waitstaff in the 'burbs at Chiara in Westwood and Lumiere in West Newton.

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                  No, it sounds wittlejosh was right. The OP wants eye candy.

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                    I agree.

                    I just hoped to use this opportunity to encourage some to think differently, or at least not take their attitude out on the servers.

                    Neither Chiara or Lumiere focus on Italian food. I would definitely recommend them but not for this event .