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Sep 26, 2007 10:08 AM

Gonpachi vs. Celadon vs. Mako?

We're looking for a nice, low-key, not too pricey (less than $150 for two) place for food and drinks to celebrate an annivesary. What's your opinion of the above three? I've chosen each for a different reason, but I'd love to hear what others have to say.

Gonpachi is on the list because it looks like it has a nice atmosphere (and we're Kill Bill fans).

Celadon is walking-distance from our house, which is good for the "drinks" part of the evening.

Mako is on the list because I've been reading about it on Chowhound for quite awhile.

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  1. We like both Celadon and Mako. Food is good at both. Creative, delicious and not over the moon expensive so your budget is doable unless you go to town on drinks, (Celadon probably will be a little bit less $, but it's close). Celadon has a nicer looking space. Have not been to Gonpachi but the food reviews here have been pretty bad.

    1. Agreed that Celadon & Mako are the better options - depends if you want food that's more Pan-Asian fusion (Celadon) or not (Mako); Celadon had a makeover of their menu pretty recently, but when I went everything was pretty delish. And yes, very good & creative cocktails.

      Gonpachi I haven't been, but food seems iffy on quality and definitely on the pricey side, from what I heard on the 'hound boards & LA food blogs. You may be even better off heading to the nearby (on La Cienega) Tokyo Table.


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        Tokyo Table is fun, but not really romantic -- decor is pretty sterile, better for a group of friends looking for late night Japanese comfort food and such.
        Gonpachi is certainly worth seeing for the decor but maybe better for lunch or a smaller meal?

        1. re: AquaW

          We've actually been to Tokyo Table, and while we enjoy it (very good infused sake!), we do want something a little different and less casual.

        2. I haven't been to Celadon, so can't comment on it, but I have been to both Gonpachi and Mako and I would highly recommend Mako. Gonpachi was very disappointing--I would not return.

          1. been to gonpachi and celadon... i'd say celadon for the anniversary. good food and ambience... my experience at gonpachi wasn't that bad, actually, but celadon takes the cake anyway.

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              I'm a big fan of Celadon. Both times that I went, I was very surprised by the quality and creativity of the food. The drinks can be a bit precious with their descriptions, but they are tasty and the food is good.

              I also really like Mako's food, but it is small, and feels more like a neighborhood place than a special occasion restaurant. You won't go wrong if you go there, but I just think the vibe at Celadon is more fun.

            2. No contest. Mako all the way, and Orris needs to be on that list. Gonpachi needs to be removed in my opinion, unless you are a fan of a watered down noodles version of koi?

              Actually Orris might be too busy. Celadon is a nice space, and not crowded.