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Sep 26, 2007 10:06 AM

Hot Sauce store

Anyone know of any stores that specialize in hot sauces anywhere around Boston (i have a bicycle and i can ride almost anywhere around Boston, Sommerville, Roxbury, etc etc)? I've been having some troubles finding good places that have a selection. Specifically I'm looking for a straight habanero sauce or scotch bonnet sauce. Really and sauce thats REALLY hot.

thanks in advance

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  1. there is/was a few vendors in the Quincy Market area that sold nothing but hot sauces. you could try any of the area's yuppy grocers, there are a couple on Charles St that had decent selections.

    but i'd just go here and save the shoe leather:

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      yeah I've been to all those places on Charles st, but when i was in quincy market i couldn't find any of the sauce people there, i remember seeing one a few years ago but I'm gonna assume it closed?

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        The Quincy Market cart is an incredible rip-off. $10 for a $4 bottle. Seriously, that bad. Sad, also, since there used to be a good store in the market dedicated to hot sauces (now closed).

        Yes, the Alston Marty's has a half-decent selection, i.e., better than a supermarket, but still could have more.

        The best selection I've seen recently was in New Hope, PA, unfortunately.

    2. Marty's Liquors in Newton has a large selection. Maybe that Alston branch does too?

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        I was in that Marty's (Newton)last nite; 4 shelves worth of hot sauces, lined up as tight as the reataurant displays...I'd check it out...

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          This is not a knock on Marty's -- which is a great store -- but on the hot sauce industry in general: way too much effort goes into coming up with a funny or catchy name and an appealing label, and far too little effort goes into creating a superior sauce. It only adds to the appeal to me of the El Yucateco sauces that their names are not catchy and their lables are ugly! Unfortunately, when you try to choose from a selection like what they have at Marty's, it is nearly impossible to choose a good sauce since all you have to go by are the names and the labels.

      2. Gypsy Kitchen on Hancock Street in Quincy Center has a great selection of hot sauces. They are also T accessible, just take the red line and get off at Quincy Center. I also love their selection of cheese and wines and they've recently started offering a takeout menu with items such as pulled pork; vegetable lasagna etc. They have a website you may want to check out Enjoy!!

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          FYI...The owner of the Gypsy Kitchen was the owner of the hot sauce store that use to be at Fanueil Hall market a few years ago. She started out as a tiny store front on Hyde Park Ave in Roslindale many years ago that grew into an internet business and then opened the Fanueil Hall place.

        2. Try the Tropical Foods chain of grocery stores in Boston, Dorchester, and Roxbury

          1. The woman who owned the hot sauce store in the Quincy Market closed that store because of high rent many years ago. But she did open a shop in Quincy, MA called Gypsy Kitchen @1241 Hancock St. 617-847-1946. I haven't been in the shop for years but did go by it a few weeks ago and it was still in business. When I was in the shop years ago, she was continuing her hot sauce business there but also included nick-nack items, etc. I'd call or go to her website.